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Last Tuesday, 22 March 2016, was World Water Day. A rather poignant day here in South Africa where we are facing severe water supply issues. As part of the Armani Acqua For Life Campaign, I was asked to spend a day with access to just 10 litres of water – for all my water-related needs. What’s more, a nifty 10 litre jerry can arrived the day before, to help visualise and contextualise 10 litres for this rather unique challenge. 


Acqua For Life Jerry Can for World Water Day Armani


My 1 day on 10 litres was rather a challenge, forcing me to think about my water consumption patterns at just about every turn. I particularly found washing a challenge as I am firm believer in two showers a day. But as with most things in life, I found a solution that worked for me. This was the main aim of the #1day10litres campaign, to get people to think differently about water and how we can conserve it.


I had to seriously cut back my coffee consumption on the day to make sure I remained within my 10 litre allowance. This reduced coffee intake is something I am trying to maintain as my little contribution towards a more water aware lifestyle. Transforming your home into a more eco-friendly dwelling is ultimately the way we all need to go, with systems to treat grey water, which can then be recycled.


Child washing hands Acqua For Life Armani World Water Day

Simple act of washing hands Armani World Water Day


The #1day10litres challenge was great fun and an interesting experience. How was your World Water Day and what did you do to conserve water, not only on the day but going forward?




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