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You would have seen from yesterday’s blog post and other shares to my social media platforms, that the guys at Vaseline challenged me with regards to my facial skincare routine. I am sure you won’t forget that Worst Face Scenario shot I posted, check it out here if you missed it.


Well they went a step further and also challenged me to try out their Vaseline MENbody Extra Strength Lotion. They insisted it would restore dry and damaged skin in just five days. Being the good natured chap I am, the challenge was well and truly accepted!


I started using Vaseline MENbody Extra Strength Lotion last week Saturday and today, Wednesday, is my fifth day. Now, bear in mind that the week prior to me starting with this product, I was in George visiting friends and walking around many scenic Garden Route nature trails. After that I found myself in Mossel Bay with Ford South Africa for the launch of their new Ranger Auto 2,2 which saw me doing dune boarding and 4×4 trails. Needless to say, by the time I was ready to start using Vaseline MENbody Extra Strength Lotion, my skin was suffering from a serious case of neglectitis.


Neglectitis definition








The Vaseline MENbody Extra Strength Lotion worked from the first application, instantly moisturising my dry (and probably damaged) skin. Something I really appreciated about the formulation is the fact that it is fast-absorbing and non-greasy. This means I can slap it on after a shower and almost immediately get dressed, then run out the door to my next big thing. By the second day I could feel my skin becoming more hydrated and generally all round soothed, after the torment I had subjected it to!


Vaseline Men Body Lotion in the shower on My Lime Boots


Vaseline MENbody Extra Strength Lotion truly goes beyond mere moisturisation, it has actively restored my skin. This is because the lotion is infused with restoring micro-droplets of Vaseline BLUESEAL, the original skin healer trusted by South Africans for over 140 years. By day 5, my skin is literally glowing with newly found health and vigour.


The results of my 5 Day Challenge? Stronger. Smoother. Restored skin. Be sure to grab yourself a bottle of Vaseline MENbody Extra Strength Lotion at your nearest retailer and experience healthy skin for yourself – just in time for summer! Happy lathering.







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