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Group posing for Fashion Power Couple

A Celebration of Women #FashionPowerCouple Episode 2


In celebration of Women’s Day in South Africa, and by extension, Women’s Month during August, Daniella and I decided to dedicate our second Fashion Power Couple post to the celebration of all things women. And boy is there a rich heritage to celebrate!


On 9 August 1956, more than 20 000 South African women of all races staged a march on the Union Buildings in protest against the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act of 1950, commonly referred to as the “pass laws”. The march was led by Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa and Sophia Williams. After leaving bundles of petitions, with more than 100 000 signatures, at the office doors of then Prime Minister J.G. Strijdom, the women stood silently for 30 minutes, singing a protest song that was composed in honour of the occasion: Wathint’Abafazi Wathint’imbokodo! meaning “you strike a women, you strike a rock” which has come to represent the courage of all women in South Africa.


We are surrounding by strong, independent women each but all too often we neglect to remember that they were not always free citizens, both in South Africa and throughout the world.


A women who is comfortable in her own skin, knows what she wants and how she is going to achieve it, makes for a thing of both beauty and intrigue.


Daniella and I decided to celebrate all things women this month and host a cocktail party celebrating women, as a reminder of what the hard fought for independence of woman has realised in the lives of many of those in our midst.


Couples posing for Fashion Power Couple dressing


We invited our friends Hayley and Lauren as one couple and, earlier during the month of August, opened the space for a second couple from our Fashion Power Couple readership. Boy did we get a great response, a really huge thank you to everyone who took the time to interact with us in response to our post, as well as on Instagram and Twitter. With so many submissions, we left it up to a random number generator to determine which reader couple would join us. Stevie and Alasdair were the lucky couple and we all had a great time shooting this post recently.

As always Daniella and I put into practice our Fashion Power Couple principles, both with our outfits and those of our couples, to ensure everyone was appropriately styled for our celebration of all things women.


Daniella and Ryan for Fashion Power Couple


We spent an afternoon styling looks for each couple, recognising that each couple was made up of two people with unique fashion aspirations, and endeavoured to harmonise their styles.


Complimenting each others look is crucial for todays fashion conscious, Fashion Power Couple.


Let’s take a closer look at how we styled each couple, starting with Stevie and Alasdair.


Stevie and Alasdair posing for Fashion Power Couple


Stevie, as an actress and presenter, resonates with an inner strength and confidence. Daniella matched her timeless sense of style to a simple, olive green dress. The cut of this dress presented a wonderful canvas on which to display this stunning pearl necklace, a work of art in its own right. To match her funky personality, a pair of bright pink strappy heels were selected, adding a pop of colour to a classically assembled outfit.


To compliment Stevie’s outfit, I dressed Alasdair in slim fit black dress pants and a light grey blazer. We found this great olive coloured scarf which was tied in an adapted cravat style over a plain white dress shirt. The scarf brought Alasdair and Stevie’s outfit together as a unifying touch, necessary to any fashion power couple. I  rounded off Alasdair’s outfit with a pair of black brogues to further drive home the classic aesthetic in the couples outfits.

Next let’s consider Hayley and Lauren’s outfits.


Lauren and Hayley posing for Fashion Power Couple


Lauren and Hayley are two vivacious young women, each with a distinctive style. Daniella selected this stunning bright pink cocktail dress for Hayley to reflect the vibrant, edgy side of her personality. In the case of Lauren, who preferred a more classical look to her outfit, Daniella and Lauren decided on a white dress cut just above the knee.


In applying the Fashion Power Couple aesthetic of incorporating a unifying element in each piece, and thereby marking the lovely Lauren and Hayley as a couple, Daniella has cleverly used the black lace effect stitching found on each dress. This ensures that each member of the couple retains their unique style identity while at the same time ensuring they compliment their partners outfit.


The dresses on Lauren and Hayley, together with the detail contained thereon, were sufficient to be worn just as is, with plain black heels for Lauren and nude heels for Hayley, there was no need for necklace attire.


Daniella and Ryan for Fashion Power Couple


In a similar vain to the manner in which Stevie and Alasdair were styled,  I opted for a relatively classic, neutral look for myself, with accents on my cherry red brogues and maroon tie. The three piece suit added a further element of interest due to its petrol blue hue.


My outfit allowed Daniella to be creative in her personal styling, opting for this stand out yellow dress with embroidered side detail and flowing back strap. Elegance and style personified, effortlessly carried off by Daniella. By both wearing pop of colour shoes we were able to introduce a unifying element in our separate outfits, and carry on the aesthetic of Fashion Power Couple dressing.


We had a wonderful evening spent in cocktail mode with both couples, being some of the most stylishly dressed guests at the restaurant that evening. Stylish, but complimentary to each other in our outfit choices!


Couples eating for Fashion Power Couple


Group sitting for Fashion Power Couple


How did you celebrate Women’s Day? Join the conversation in the comments below and on Instagram and Twitter!


Get The Look


Stevie and Alasdair are wearing items from River Island, with Alasdair’s black brogues from Dune London SA.

Hayley and Lauren are wearing dresses from Lipsy London, with heels from River Island.

Daniella is wearing a yellow dress from Lipsy London with heels from River Island.

Ryan is wearing suit, tie and shirt from River Island, with cherry red brogues from Dune London SA.

Stevie’s hair done by Sneak Preview in Parkview.

See more on our Fashion Power Couple Instagram account and Facebook Page.

Photography by Lebz Skywalker, on the web and Instagram

Shot on location at Il Giardino, 44 Stanley Complex, Johannesburg.




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  1. Good write-up, and great pics. I look forward to seeing more power couple posts. Thanks for sharing!

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