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A Dapper Dandy Delves into Dots

When putting an outfit together I usually begin by selecting the shoes that speak into my mood and the occasion. However, on this particular morning, my mind was not on my feet but transfixed by a heady combination of shirt, jacket and bowtie I had never previously contemplated.


In fact, this particular fashion assortment, by normal standards, should have been relegated to a file 13 sub-folder of “Geesh. Let’s never go there again”.


As I explored the possibilities this outfit offered, excitement began to engulf me. I grabbed said items and put them on, and the rest is, as they say, fashion history. And forms the basis for this post.


You see the particular bowtie, shirt and jacket in question were all covered in dots. The shirt was white with blue dots; the jacket, blue with white dots, while the bowtie was black and white checks.

shirt closeup

I just loved this rather unconventional assortment and especially enjoyed the way they made me feel, dressing against accepted norms. I say – create new norms; ones that work for you.


The dotty outfit was completed with my recently purchased Dune brogues in cherry red and a pair of dark navy chino’s. The latter served as a relatively neutral backdrop against which these incredible shoes could claim center stage.



jacket shirt and bowtie

I decided to finish off the look with a pair of rounded black large framed glasses. These beauties never fail to take an outfit to the “wow” level, especially when worn with an outfit that is equally quirky.


But what really made this outfit work was the “I can conquer today with a smile” kind of confidence it gave me.

At a table

Just about any outfit can be pulled off, as long as the wearer does it with confidence – even this outfit, which should never have worked otherwise.


Have you experimented with pattern combinations that you “shouldn’t”? If so, I would love to hear about your experiences. Better still show me by tagging your photographs with a mention of @mylimeboots on Instagram and share your unconventional look.



“An alternatively dressed gentleman may come off either as an oddity or as the object of universal admiration – the key is the gentleman’s own self-confidence and personal style.”

A gentleman gets dressed up: what to wear, when to wear it, how to wear it


 Photography by Lebz Skywalker,, @lebzskywalker on Instagram

boot print border copy

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  1. Dotty Dotty, i like the look. Definitely works. Some rules were made to be broken. If you dress differently it will encourage you to think differently and the world can use some of that.

    Well done

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