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So My Lime Boots have been itching to take a walk on over to Zuraida Jardine for a little one-on-one Pow Wow session. I was keen to catch up with Zuraida, whom I knew to be a jack(ess) of many trades including DJ, actress, television presenter and journalist. Little did I know that the self proclaimed ‘most proud mom’ and ‘student of life’, was about to stretch the boundaries of these Lime Green Boots.


Zuraida and I met up at the Virgin Active Alice Lane Classic club in Sandton, Johannesburg for an Anti Gravity Yoga class. I am game for just about anything, but admittedly was somewhat concerned about what I had signed up for, once I had researched Anti Gravity Yoga. See the video further on in this post and watch me trying my hand at this, um, technique.



Zuraida Jardine Anti Gravity Yoga Virgin Active Alice Lane





















Zuraida and I spent some time chatting before our yoga class, which afforded me an opportunity to get to know her a little better. She holds the title of first female DJ on a daytime radio show on local station 5FM, sharing that radio was her first media love.


“I went into radio during a different time, when it was about the love of the medium and not about the fame”. Although no longer on radio, Zuraida says that it’s just not for her right now. Which begs the question, what is Zuraida currently up to?


University, studying psychology; a seven year commitment which has seen a marked change in Zuraida’s life, but in keeping with her deep-seated passion to continually explore new areas of interest as she grows as a human being.


Zuraida Jardine quote 1 for My Lime Boots

Zuraida has been married for twelve years to Josh Lindberg, son of South African legendary singing and theatre duo, Des and Dawn Lindberg. They have two children and both parents actively manage technology and social media interests to ensure that their upbringing remains focused on real human interactions. Zuraida leads by example in this area and employs strict boundaries to ensure quality time with her children. Having said that, Zuraida is a social media diva of note and during the time we were together, gave me a master class in the emerging social platform, Snapchat. What can I say, I am now totally hooked!


Zuraida’s many achievements and adventures to date have all contributed to the multi-dimensional person I was privileged to spend time conversing with. “Winning Strictly Come Dancing reinforced in my mind the unbelievable potential of the human spirit” shares Zuraida, while her time with Josh in Los Angeles gave her an opportunity for some much needed time out and a sense of anonymity. Five years on and returning back to South Africa, roles had changed and Zuraida had become a mother.


During our time together, I undertook a fragrance pairing with Zuraida, courtesy of Bacher & Co. The beautifully crafted, one of a kind, Wolf & Maiden carry bag housed five fragrances which had been carefully selected for Zuraida. These included Sofia by Sofia Vergara, Extraordinary by Oscar de la Renta, Extatic by Belmain, Intense by Agent Provocateur and RiRi by Rihanna.


Fragrance pairing with Zuraida Jardine Pow Wow with My Lime Boots

We had such fun with the various fragrances, even getting in a Balmain Snapchat session pondering the various pronunciations of the fashion brand. I never knew Balmain was from Boksburg! After much deliberation and the use of coffee beans, in a porcelain dish courtesy of my grandmother, to clear the nasal passages, Zuraida opted for Sofia by Sofia Vergara (available at selected Foschini, Red Square, Dis-Chem, Clicks,Stuttafords and Truworths stores). Its juicy oriental floral fragrance won her affections.


Zuraida is a fashionista of the first order, as evidenced by her Zeedrobe on Instagram. She enjoys posting outfit pics and short videos to her account, but admits that she is less active these days, due to university commitments. “I enjoy the quick and instant nature of Instagram” she says “with the ability to engage at a time that is convenient for me”. When pressed, Zuraida shared her three wardrobe essentials i) pretty scarves, ii) quality detailed handbags and iii) quality shoes of classic beauty.


A specifically constructed ‘shoe room’ is one of Zuraida’s favourite places. Josh’s love of shoes for Zuraida have seen her collection grow to proportions that boggle the mind. Having said that, I wondered if she had a pair of My Lime Boots in that collection?


Zuraida Jardine in Lime Boots for a fashion pow wow


As soon as we had donned our My Lime Boots, we were like two naughty kids. There’s a definite effect these boots have on you, be warned!


Lime boot posing with Zuraida Jardine for fashion Pow wow


Have a quick look at what actually went down at the Anti Gravity Yoga class and the rest of our day together –



All in all, I had a super time doing things that I would not normally do, and in the process got to know a very special human being a little better. A huge thanks to Russell Athletic for providing me with the most awesome yoga-appropriate gear and to Le Coq Sportif for providing me with the coolest pair of sneakers and a bag, ensuring I was on-point while at the gym.


Clothing from Le Coq Sportif and Russell Athletic for a Pow Wow with Zuraida Jardine


Also a big thank you to Virgin Active Alice Lane Classic for hosting us in their Anti Gravity Yoga class and to La Vie en Rose for hosting us for lunch and allowing us to kick up their very neatly swept up leaves.


The biggest thank you goes to Zuraida Jardine for her time, warmth and sense of adventure in a pair of My Lime Boots. Where will the Lime Boots head off to next? Watch this space!


Photography and videography by Lebz Skywalker, on the web and Instagram





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  1. Wow – what an amazing time you both had – enjoyed reading about your ‘adventure’ with Zuraida.
    Well done!!

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