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A week of mobile phone photography tutorials with Nokia Mobile

The excitement is palpable as someone is about to win a brand new Nokia 5.3 mobile phone today!

It’s been a week of mobile photography tutorials, your stunning images and many difficult decisions – just to select four finalists in my Nokia giveaway. I have had such fun with you guys, sharing my love for photography and seeing what you have shot. My wish is that the images you now take on your mobile device, are next-level and a new love for photography is sparked within you!

Let’s Consider What We’ve Covered

The mobile phone photography tutorials covered a wide variety of topics. We started with a few basic elements of composition, including using the rule of thirds, always ensuring your horizon line is straight and using leading lines to draw the viewer into your image. Do you find yourself noticing leading lines wherever you go these days?

Next, we moved on to working with a shallow depth of field to highlight the main subject in your image. A very powerful tool, this technique also serves to draw the viewer deeper into your image and consider the focal point you have photographed. Landscapes were the subject of our third tutorial where I shared that the key to a great landscape shot is a focal point. If you don’t have a main subject, you run the risk of your image turning into nothing but vast expanses of nothingness.

Shooting in low light conditions was the subject of our fourth tutorial. Something that we are all faced with on a regular basis, I shared with you how using the night mode on the Nokia 5.3 is a game changer. Also, taking into account the ambient light around you and a great story to be told in your image and you are set for a really impactful low light image that will speak to the very soul of the viewer.

Who doesn’t love food? Now you have the skills to shoot your food and share your image across social media. Food photography was the subject of our fifth tutorial. Natural light is important as well as incorporating the location you are photographing your food in, which all comes together to tell your foodie story. Exploring the world around us that we often miss due to its size was the subject of the sixth tutorial – macro photography. The extreme close-up shooting of small subjects requires that we put the rules of composition to work to present an alternative view of that which is around us.

Lastly, we looked at the art of street photography, my favourite genre. Observing life as it unfolds in its natural course around us and capturing a moment in time. Street photography requires patience as you wait for that amazing shot to come to you. The unplanned and non-scripted essence of street photography makes for images that can be truly captivating.

Please feel free to revisit any of the tutorials at any time, as you keep working on your photography skills. These tutorials can be found on my blog Facebook Page here.

Image Gallery

Here is a selection of some of the images from the tutorials to remind you of that which we covered as we learnt together.

Photographing Landscapes with Nokia Mobile
Photographing Landscapes
Photographing in Low Light conditions with Nokia Mobile
Photographing in Low Light conditions
Photographing Food with Nokia Mobile
Photographing Food
Macro Photography with Nokia Mobile
Macro Photography
Street Photography with Nokia Mobile
Street Photography

Grab a Nokia 5.3 Mobile Phone this Black Friday

Now that your photography skills are off the charts, get your hands on the Nokia 5.3 mobile phone that I used to create all the images in the tutorials. The folks at Nokia are running a Black Friday special through Takealot. The usual pricing of R4 999 will be discounted on Black Friday, how amazing is that!

Head on over to Takealot, add the Nokia 5.3 mobile phone to your cart and see what price it is discounted to on Black Friday. What a deal! Best of all this special pricing will run until 1 December, giving you more than enough time to get your hands on this nifty device.

And The Winner Is

As you know four finalists were recently selected from all your submissions, following the photography tutorials. You guys have been sharing your thoughts on the finalists work and an independent professional photographer has taken your comments into account and judged a winner.

It has been quite a task, our judge tells me. The competition was stiff and the quality of the images produced was high. This made selecting just one winner a rather difficult task. But a winner has indeed been determined.

Well done to Chrisna Stander whose black and white image has been selected as the winner. Chrisna wins herself a new Nokia 5.3 mobile phone.

Chrisna has used many of the elements taught during the week of tutorials to produce a phenomenal image. The use of leading lines in the pathway, the straight horizon line and placing the focal point on the third all work together to tell a very moody story. See her winning image below.

Black and white coastal scene

Congratulations to the three other finalists on their images. It was a near-impossible task to just select one winning image.

Thank You

A very big thank you to everyone who participated during the photography tutorials and with comments on the four finalists images. It has been a great time of sharing with you all and I trust that you have enjoyed the experience.

Keep photographing amazing things all around and pushing the boundaries, and your skills set, to create images that speak to the soul of the viewer.

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