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Inspired by that first moment of attraction, when two people’s worlds collide and a spark is ignited, First Instinct is the interpretation of that exciting first glance and the initial connection felt. That very moment can’t be defined in words, nor can it be anticipated.


The new fragrance from Abercrombie & Fitch, First Instinct, recently launched in South Africa. With a base of amber and musk, Szechuan pepper in the mid- notes, and gin & tonic and melon to finish off the sensory experience in the top notes, First Instinct is a modern masculine blend.


First Instinct was my fragrance of choice in this outfit from My Durban July Weekend. The sense of adventure I experienced that Sunday, as I explored the hot spots of Durban, was so acutely reflected in this warm, oriental fragrance.


My Durban July Weekend for fashion look book


The man who wears First Instinct is naturally sexy, confident, and not afraid to express his deepest feelings. A rugged risk taker, he captures the essence of his energy with effortless charm. First Instinct transports him back to that place when a certain chemistry was first felt, when an attraction first took hold.


A&F and designer cap giveaway


So this week I want to share Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct with you. Each day from Monday to Thursday I will be giving away one of these designer A&F caps to one lucky reader, finishing up on Friday with a giveaway of a bottle of First Instinct to add to your fragrance collection.


Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct fragrance promoters will be at the various retailers at the Mall Of Africa this Saturday 6 August 2016 and I’ll be with them capturing all the fun. Be sure to pop past and say hi and experience First Instinct for yourself!


Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct is available at Foschini, Truworths, Edgars, Red Square, Stuttafords and Clicks stores nationwide.


How do you enter?

Each day on my Twitter account you will see a pinned post of the cap I am giving away together with a little detail about First Instinct. Retweet that days pinned post for an entry into the draw, which closes at 18h00 on the day. Done.


To stand in line for the giveaway of the bottle of First Instinct on Friday, be sure to retweet at least two of my Twitter posts this week and comment below telling me about your very own “first moment of attraction” memory.


The nitty gritty

Please note that the giveaway is open to any reader living anywhere in South Africa. You may enter on Twitter as many times as you like. The daily cap giveaways close each day (1 – 4 August 2016) at 18h00 and the main fragrance giveaway closes on Friday 5 August 2016 at 18h00. Daily winners will be announced the following day here on the blog and the main fragrance winner will be announced on Saturday 6 August 2016 here on the blog.


And the Winners are…

The Monday winner of the A&F cap is Richie Moodley (@RichieMoodley on Twitter). Well done Richie!


The Tuesday winner of the A&F cap is Mlwazerr (@Zulu_Mok on Twitter). Well done Mlwazerr!


The Wednesday winner of the A&F cap is Mr GP (@Im_MrGP on Twitter). Well done Mr GP!


The Thursday winner of the A&F cap is Sonia (@sonia_masemola on Twitter). Well done Sonia!


The winner of the Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct fragrance is Lynn Botha, who shared her recollection of her first attraction below – the blind date braai. Well done Lynn!







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  1. That first moment… Late 2009, hockey season in high school. A tall guy with “messy” (waxed) blond (highlights) appeared. He was in matric and I was a bit younger. I was told this incredibly attractive guy was to be my new hockey coach. (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!) Years went by and we maintained a professional relationship, eventhough I thought he was damn fine 😛 We bumped into each other once at a music festival and then in an online game completely by chance. Long story short we have been dating for 3 amazing years. And I still think “damn boy” when I look at him.

  2. it was a cold winters evening he was wearing a sweatpants and a hoodie with a peak cap on,. he had a ciggerette in his hand with every drag his left eye squinted closed. Every time he would catch me look at him he would just stare at me deeply with his eyes squinting with a small smile . he had the rugged look. bearded he was from the first day I saw him and with a wink to me I melted.

  3. Our eyes meet on the dance floor…moving towards each other eyes locked?first moment of attraction…18 yrs later eyes still locked?

  4. Over 10 years ago at neighborhood event – When I saw her; could no longer concentrate at the party and lost focus with my friends – Waited and watched all her moves, waiting in love. Eventual go a chance, spoke her go her digts and the rest is history – Over 10 years together, have a beautiful 9 years old daughter and celebrating our sixth year anniversary in marriage this year – our moment of attraction.

  5. My “first moment of attraction” was back in December of 2006.. I had figured I was destined to meet all the Mr Wrongs and had kind of given up. My sister was determined to find me a suitable husband.. (I was already 31). She arranged a sort of a blind date braai.. with friends of hers and they had this “friend” that was single.. I just figured.. aiii another blind date.. another evening of dodging.. but I went with it. I had been out the night before.. I was tired.. I came straight from work.. no dressing up, or even putting fresh make up on.. I was over it before it even began. BUT when we were introduced.. and my eyes locked onto his gorgeous blue eyes.. I was in.. Hook, line and sinker. I was so annoyed with myself for not dressing the part or freshening up my make up.. but turns out he didn’t really fancy the over dressed and caked on make up look anyway haha. We hit it off that night.. and the next evening I accompanied him to a 30th birthday party.. and well, that was it.. We got married 3 years later and have 2 gorgeous kiddies 🙂 My happily ever after 🙂

  6. It was back in my school days. There was laughter. We were conversing. Time flew and suddenly the day ended. When I walked home, I was worried about how I was going to fill the time to see that person again tomorrow, by the end I wondered “Where had the time gone?” I felt energized. Giddy. And I couldn’t wait to get back to that exact moment and time yet again tomorrow.

  7. My first moment of attraction was at work, in the lift. I got into the lift, it stopped on the next floor and in walked this talk, yummy drink of water. Our eyes locked, I immediately felt a hot flush come on as he looked me in the eyes and greeted with the loveliest smile. He stepped out of the lift and I didn’t see him again for about two months, but then when we eventually ran into each other… He had perfect recall of that first moment he saw me, as he recalled it, I blushed and the rest is history. We have been happily married for three three years now.

  8. My first moment of attraction was with my high school crush oh gawd . I was in love bt he only saw me as a friend never had the courage to tell him but I moved on and I haven’t seen him since high school.

  9. When we are attracted to someone, blood will flow to our face, causing our cheeks to get red. Well, my flush lingered for 3 days when I had my first crush. It was embarrassing to say the least, but 21 years later I still get that shy feeling when I’m complimented or praised and yes by the same person 🙂

  10. Oooh I remember my “first moment of attraction” with my husband like it was yesterday…He had that misteriously interesting look about him, that made you want to know more about him…but I played it well and didn’t approach him, little did I know he was thinking the same thing about me lol…anyway, long story short, we ended up on a balcony together full of people and next thing he had his arm around me (he played that move very cool 🙂 and now 8 years later we are married with two beautiful kids & he still mesmerizes me today <3 ***

  11. My first moment of attraction with my hubby was in high school, remember it like it was yesterday.our love is still going strong and we have been together for 16 years.rt on twitter @denise_tf

  12. met my soul mate in a local club by pure accident…..bumped into one of my male friends who begged me to meet his friend, instant attraction!!! I was actually at the club to meet up with a guy I was casually dating and just happened to have stood me up that night…who says there is no such thing as fate/destiny.

  13. “first moment of attraction” memory was in high school and I was a besotted teen having a major crush on a rugby player at my school. I knew then that there was such a thing as “love at first sight”, eyes meeting across the stands, butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms, giggling, playing with my hair… OMG! . Although the magic did not last, it was certainly my “first” indeed but definitely not my last.

  14. I was having a coffee in a local café. ‘I got the impression someone was watching me. ‘I looked up and saw a man with greying hair, who was smiling at me. I thought, I could do with a man like that. He looks happy but thoughtful. I could spend my life with someone like him. The feeling was mutual and a few minutes later he came over to talk to me ‘I said to myself, “Yes. From now on you only say yes”. Since then I’ve never stopped saying yes to him.’

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