About Me

My name is Ryan, and I hope to share some insight into who and what I am on these pages. Thank you in advance for your patience; it’s not a quick share. 

Trained as a Chartered Accountant, yet schooled in the realities of life that would see me purchase a fateful pair of lime green boots back in 2012, today I travel the globe and share my thoughts on these experiences. 

A late-comer to photography and writing, one might say life (I’ll take that on the chin), I truly believe these to be the most significant assets in this incarnation of modern-day Ryan. 

Now that we know each other a little better let me share my approach to storytelling.

The Photography  tab above celebrates my love of the visual, while in the Published Works  tab I marry this love with my attempt to express in words that which I experience most days. 

It’s been one helluva ride so far and I’d love to partner with you and take this passion forward.

Welcome to my world. Let’s take each other’s hand and jump, head first, from this massive suspension bridge some call life.

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