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About Me

Ryan profile 1 tight cropMy name is Ryan and I am a work in progress.

(hello Ryan)

An accountant by training, a fashion lover by instinct and a budding photographer by passion, I am on a journey of discovery of self. I am discovering the me God created; the me I lost sight of along the way. My Christian beliefs fundamentally underlie everything I am and do. I also love people, and am happiest when I am able to express these facets of my personality while engaging with a fellow humanista!

The concept for My Lime Boots came about from the simple purchase, about two years ago, of a stunning pair of lime green wellingtons. At the time, an act of defiance and reconnection with my true self was playing out, and I loved every minute of it. I continue along this trajectory today as I practice the My Lime Boots approach to life.

What is the My Lime Boots approach to life? I believe it embodies throwing caution to the wind, engaging in new experiences and constantly challenging your boundaries. I have experienced tremendous personal growth whilst practicing this.

This expression extends to all facets of my life. These facets I want to share with, and engage you on. I want us to extend this concept of freedom within the creative and expression of individuality, having fun and looking good along the way.

The fashion contained on these pages is not meant to be catalogue reproductions of perfectly shaped, groomed and styled men. No. Here I attempt to express my personality through my fashion, and hope to see yours through your fashion. The fashion pages aim to profile real guys in their wardrobe.

The My Lime Boots expression continues into my photography and the life stories I am privileged to have recounted to me by people I meet. Photography has truly brought about an awakening within me, an embracing of creativity that has set flight to my thoughts and ideas and their expression.

I also blog about aspects of life that interest and excite me, those issues that make me think and reflect. These musings I will share with you on the blog, as they happen.

I look forward to not only sharing this journey with you, but engaging with you as we both put on our My Lime Boots and fly.

I am always keen to hear directly from you, please hit me up on

Here’s to a life of style and a style to life, the My Lime Boots way!



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