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Autumn-Proof Your Face


In the world of fashion, styles change with the seasons – your bathroom shelf should be no different. As we head into the cooler Autumn and Winter months this side of the equator, today I look at how to adapt your grooming routine accordingly, to better protect and repair your skin on a daily basis.


Summer and Winter are two seasons where your skin has to endure extreme environmental factors: the sun, the dry air and the change in rain patterns all take their toll on your skin. Autumn, in particular, represents the perfect time to renew, to recover from environmental onslaughts and restore and refresh your skin while preparing it for the harsher climates to follow.


Some elements of todays “Autumn-proofing your Face” plan involve preparing your skin before the seasonal shift, while others involve daily advice to help keep your skin from drying out or becoming damaged. Here are my six simple steps to Autumn-proofing your Face:


1. Get a Facial Treatment

Kick-off your Autumn assault with a full facial treatment to help repair any damage your skin may have picked up during Summer. Your best form of protection against drying, cooler temperatures is to ensure that your skin is nourished and rejuvenated.


Autumn proof your face tip 1 get a facial









A facial treatment will bolster the skin’s health through pore-extraction to purify and cleanse; facial massage to improve blood flow and skin brightness and masking treatments to addresses specific needs. I love facials as they give me time to relax and unwind while enjoying a bit of pampering.


A pro-active approach at this point in the game will stand you in good stead going forward. Make sure you see a specialist and get a full dermatological treatment. Skin Renewal offer a solution for just this need, with their Mesoglow Facial. This treatment resurfaces, reoxygenates, rehydrates and tightens the skin. A cocktail of growth factors, peptides, vitamins and hyaluronic acid are used to rejuvenate sixteen different areas including the eyes, face and neck. Talk about a bit of pampering! Be sure to read the end of this post to see how you can win a Mesoglow Facial Treatment from Skin Renewal.


Awesome, we’re well on our way!


2. Up your Moisture Game

Your skin faces a variety of damaging and harmful elements during the cooler months including cold winds, frost, excessive rain and dry air conditioning – that’s quite a bit to deal with. A good quality moisturiser will help significantly with the daily recovery of your skin. Check out my previous post where I shared my daily moisturising routine.


Autumn proof your face tip 2 for men









Here’s a quick heads up on what you should be looking for in a good moisturiser: 

  1. Check for proper sun-protection even in Winter it’s important to protect against sun damage.
  2. Look for Retinol it’s been shown to help reduce skin imperfections and signs of ageing.
  3. Vitamin A & C are always signs of a good daily moisturiser.


During the cooler months we get exposed to heating systems which can lead to dry, tight skin. Cold air contains 30% less moisture than warm air, while heating systems sap skin of moisture. The solution is a thicker moisturiser, designed for harsher, drier conditions. It will provide a little extra moisture and protection.


3. Avoid very hot Showers

What, in winter? What crazy advice is this? This is probably going to be the least well received item in today’s post, but the truth is, very hot showers and baths (yip, they’re on the list too, sorry about that) are one of the easiest ways to damage your skin. The hot water removes the protective, natural oil barrier on your skin which leads to redness, irritation and drying out of the skin. This in turn accelerates skin ageing.


Autumn proof your face tip 3 for men










So, what should you do? Your best bet is to go for a luke-warm shower and then slowly cool it as your body temperature adjusts to the water. This will mean you don’t inadvertently damage your skin, plus new research shows there are significant health benefits to taking a cold shower.


4. Hydrate your Diet

While moisturising and protecting your skin topically can help prevent dehydration, hydrating your tissues from the inside out is just as important. An autumn-proofing diet includes increasing moisture-rich foods such as leafy greens, water-rich fruits, and healthy fats along with avoiding dehydrating substances such as dry meats and starches.


Soups and stews are both nourishing and warming, making them ideal Autumn/Winter meals. To further boost hydration, drink more water and avoid dehydrating substances such as caffeine and alcohol.


5. Bolster Blood Flow

Because the cold weather constricts your blood vessels, called vasoconstriction, your circulation is often impeded at this time of year. Poor circulation results in a dull and devitalised look to your skin because blood nourishes it, bringing oxygen to skin cells and transporting wastes away from them. Proper blood flow will keep your complexion healthy, detoxified and bright.

How do you achieve this? Use skincare products containing blood-invigorating ingredients. Natural additives such as ginseng, lemon oil, vitamin C and ginger are all excellent for encouraging circulation, and incorporating them into your skincare routine helps bring colour back to your complexion. You will find these active ingredients in many anti-ageing products as increased circulation also promotes collagen production. Win!

6. Change your Fragrance

When we start speaking fragrance, I’m all yours. I’m a fragrance fanatic and the cooler months present an opportunity to reconsider your fragrance choices. It’s an established fact that lighter, fresher, citrus-based fragrances tend to work better in the Summer months. They make you smell clean and help invigorate you on those warm nights. With temperatures dropping it’s the richer, warmer, more comforting fragrances that come into their own during Autumn.

Look for woody fragrances with spicy tones of pepper. A definite winner is a fragrance containing bergamot and vetiver to give you that masculine earthiness. See my previous Scent:Sation post that looked at bergamot and vetiver in a little more detail.

Autumn proof your face tip 6 for men

This Autumn I am particularly taken by Ted Lapidus Pour Lui, a woody oriental fragrance that luxuriously compliments the current drop in temperatures. With top notes of lavender, bergamot, mint leaves and orange flower, and hints of sandalwood in the base notes, I know you will be just as smitten!

Ted Lapidus Pour Lui is available at selected Edgars, Red Square, Foschini, Truworths,
Woolworths, Stuttafords and Markham stores.

So there’s your plan for Autumn, sorted. What other steps do you take to prepare your skin as the seasons change? Let’s chat more on Twitter!

How can you win the Mesoglow Facial from Skin Renewal?

Easy, check out my Twitter feed this morning for the tweet promoting this post and retweet it to stand in line to win this awesome prize. Want another chance to win, let’s do this. Watch my blog Facebook page, like the page and comment on the post as to why you should be pampered with the Mesoglow Facial.


Please note this is a treatment for the guys; but ladies feel free to enter for your man as you help him to Autumn-Proof his Face!


The nitty gritty

Please note that this giveaway is only open to South African readers who are available to take advantage of the facial at one of Skin Renewal’s branchesThe giveaway closes at 16h00 on Tuesday 22 March 2016 and the winner will be notified shortly thereafter.


Find out more about Skin Renewal on the web, Facebook and Twitter.


Well done to the Winner!

The winner of the Mesoglow Facial from Skin Renewal is Mandy Govender (@Mandy_Anton_Gov on Twitter) who wins this for her special man – I just know he is going to enjoy this spoil, as he Autumn-Proof’s his face!



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