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Burgers and Beers, I am sure the pairing must be a firm favourite amongst many. Add to that the flair and creativity we see of late on the culinary scene and you are literally spoilt for choice when desiring to indulge this specific fancy. Oh, how does one choose?

So the friendly chaps at TravelStart asked me to share my two favourite beer and burger spots in Joburg and man, was it quite something narrowing the list down to just two. But narrow that list down I did!

B&B Spot 1 – Voodoo Lily Cafe, Birdhaven

My first spot was the landmark Voodoo Lily Cafe in the heart of Birdhaven. For those not in the know, Birdhaven is literally opposite The Wanderers Stadium in northern Joburg. I have been to Voodoo Lily Cafe many times over the years, so I decided to add them to the list as they are well known for their healthy approach to food.

The burger was quite something, being bunless and all. It was the first time I had headed down the banting path, which made for a rather novel experience. The sweet potato wedges were an interesting twist which made me feel really healthy in my choice. The Jack Black draught I paired the burger with more than matched my burger experience, topped off by the general vibe that is Voodoo Lily.

Burgers and Beers Joburgs Top Spots at Voodoo Lily Cafe on My Lime Boots

My rating of the Voodoo Lily Cafe Burgers and Beers experience – a firm 8 out of 10.

B&B Spot 2 – Kitchener’s Bar, Braamfontein

A review of anything Joburg would not be complete without venturing into the city itself. I am a lover of the inner city and opted for Kitchener’s Bar as my second burgers and beers spot.

Located in the old Lord Milner Hotel, it is one of the oldest bars in town (although not officially the oldest, that title belongs to The Radium Beer Hall) and is as authentic a traditional bar vibe as they come. This was the real attraction for me in this venue. Well, at least that was what I thought at the time. Then I saw the menu.

In addition to loving the inner city, I love banana and love it on everything. Pizza is just the beginning. Kitchener’s Bar has a “Joburger” option on the burger menu, which includes banana on the burger! Done deal, I was beyond excited waiting for my burger. I decided to pair it with a traditional Castle draught which saw me smiling from ear to ear throughout the meal experience.

Joburgs top Beer and Burger Spots Kitcheners Bar on My Lime Boots

My rating of the Kitchener’s Bar Burgers and Beers experience – a great 8,5 out of 10. You don’t understand the effect the banana had on me.

Overall Impressions

As with most things I do, wear and eat, my prevailing mood on the day usually determines where I go, what I put on and what I choose to eat. Call me moody I suppose. The Voodoo Lily Cafe and Kitchener’s Bar experiences are both on point for a great burger and beer session; which one you finally decide on comes down to what you are looking for on the day. Food is experiential and I would encourage you to try both venues. Heck man, even if you are not from Joburg, catch a cheap flight to Joburg and come find out for yourself.

Thanks to Jonathan at Voodoo Lily Cafe and Jo at Kitchener’s Bar for hosting my burger and beer quest, may the force continue to be with you both!


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