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Cape Town is experiencing one of the worst rainfall patterns in recorded history which, together with various other factors including explosive population growth, have resulted in severe drought conditions for the city as a whole. I recently did a radio show on Soap Box Radio during which I co-opted three guests to help me understand this rather hot potato of a subject and, all it revealed to me, was that more investigation was necessary.


So with World Travel Markets Africa being hosted in Cape Town during April 2018, I decided recently to hot-foot it down to that fair city, thanks to the friendly chaps at Mango Airlines, to find out more about this issue. Was it really a crisis and what was being done by big business and the City in this regard?


Leaving Joburg on a Mango flight for Cape Town on My Lime Boots


I am not one for early mornings, especially on a Saturday morning, but this particular Saturday morning saw me headed to Lanseria Airport to catch the first flight down to Cape Town. Not packing the night before meant that I was up really early that morning, and hence at the airport long before my flight was due.


Upon boarding my flight I was rather happy with this state of affairs as it meant that I got to enjoy substantial extra legroom on the flight down to Cape Town, win all the way I say!


Trip down on Mango Airlines on My Lime Boots


Touchdown Cape Town and I was greeted by the Ford Kuga, my travel companion as I explored the water issue in Cape Town. The last time I was in one of these vehicles was as I drove for three days from Hogsback to Joburg, so I was well acquainted with its operations. It’s drive height and ease of use was so welcome after a rather early start to the day.


I have always had a rather soft spot for this vehicle, despite problems experienced not too long ago. However, the efforts implemented by Ford since that time have left me with a somewhat confident disposition towards the new generation Kuga and I felt that a little show and tell session on the Monday morning was in order.


Contemplating Cape Town on a Ford Kuga on My Lime Boots

Early mornings may not be my thing, but the shots I tend to get once I am up, especially in Cape Town, are breathtaking. I snapped this one just below the cable car station on my way to Simons Town.


I spent the remainder of the week talking up a storm with old friends and making new ones, all around the Cape Town water issue. See my video below for exactly what I got up to during this time, but more importantly, what I learnt about water, its value as a resource and how things are being dealt with by every-day Capetonians.



With my stint in Cape Town under the proverbial belt, I was once again headed for Joburg, thanks to the friendly chaps at Mango Airlines. Had to just snap one last shot before I got on the “no cell-phone zone”. The sun was bright (this is why it doesn’t rain in Cape Town [ed: not anymore]).


Headed for Joburg on Mango Airlines on My Lime Boots 

The guys and girls on Mango have always been such fun, so much so that I couldn’t help observing just how seriously they actually take their jobs. The safety announcements are actually tons of fun, either that, or I was dehydrated from my time in Cape Town. What do you think?


Having lived the Capetonian lifestyle for a few days, spoken to locals and actually undertaken the 90-second shower (every day while in that city) and done a second instalment on SoapBox Radio, I think I, and we, all understand what is necessary for Cape Town with regards to the water issue.


Are you on-board?


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