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CONCEALER – your new secret weapon

Let’s just be honest upfront – most guys bulk at the idea of concealer for men; its not perceived as being the most masculine of skincare products. But arm yourself with a little more information on this amazing product and soon you will understand why it could be your new secret weapon in 2015!


            “Think this is all un-butch? Find a movie star or male TV personality who doesn’t wear concealer”


Maybe last night was a bit of a bender, or perhaps you are getting more stress than sleep lately. A cursory glance in the mirror while shaving tells you that no amount of cold water will transform your complexion back to the radiant you – the you, you know and love. Now concealer starts to make sense.


First off, concealer is not make up. It is a product that that can help you fine tune your already great looking appearance and, if used correctly, no one need even know you have on!


Secondly, concealer is not some form of mascara for men. Concealer is much thicker than mascara and formulated to address specific areas of concern.


Man applying moisturizerI started experimenting with and using concealers around six months ago. This has proved to be one of the better decisions I made in 2014. I now regularly receive compliments on the radiance of my skin.


What types of concealers are available? 

The most common form of concealer for men is under eye concealer. It is designed to help hide the signs of tiredness, like those black circles and bags that appear under the eye. More specifically, under eye concealer can be used to conceal fine wrinkles and other signs of ageing, that generally start creeping in around the eyes, before anywhere else.


Concealers can also be used for more generic purposes; such as hiding acne, covering up scars, birthmarks and other imperfections as well as evening out skin tone.


Using concealer requires a little bit of skill. Something you definitely want to avoid is badly applied concealer. Incorrectly applied it just sits on your face, kind of like a flashing bright neon sign, proclaiming “CONCEALER”. Been there, done that, but you soon get the technique right.


Great, so you have decided to try a concealer. Excellent! What now?


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Match your skin tone

Ensure you choose a concealer that you will be able to blend in with your skin tone. Concealers come in various shades, take some time to determine which one actually goes with your skin tone. This is important because, no matter how adept at applying concealer you become, it’s never going to look right unless it has been selected to match your skin tone.


What really worked for me was applying a small amount of product to the back of my wrist to determine skin tone compatibility.


Applying the concealer correctly

Target just the areas that require attention, using as little as you need. The key is to blend it in with the surrounding skin.


For under eye application follow the following regimen. After washing your skin, apply a light layer of face moisturizer. Then start with an eye cream and pat it around the eyes. This process prepares the skin for the concealer and will prevent the concealer from sitting in crevices as well as from merely sitting on top of the skin you are trying to disguise.


Give this preparation around 10 minutes to absorb, at this point I usually get dressed.


Twist a small amount of concealer onto your hand, to be used as a palette. Then, using your ring finger to limit the amount of pressure on the sensitive skin around the eye area, apply from the corner of the eye, nose side. Pat down towards the cheek bone, blending right around the side and on top so it covers the eyelid.


The key is to blend, blend, blend.


Should your concealer appear cakey, apply a small amount of eye cream to dilute the effect.


I have tried and tested many concealers. Check out the “Source The Product” insert for the products I use as part of my skin care routine. In addition to these I also use an all-in-one even tone BB cream – but that’s for another post. Lets get you guys going with the under eye concealer first!


Source the product concealer




The smoother, more even skin tone my concealer gives me, is addictive. Concealer has now become a staple part of my routine. I literally wouldn’t be caught dead, without my secret weapon, at a function or event. The use of concealer is a must for any guy who takes pride in his clothing and appearance. Now you can present a look that matches the style and on-point trend of your outfit.


And there you have it – your new secret weapon for 2015. Because who doesn’t want to look like himself, just a little bit better? Without being found out, of course. If you do get caught, just say “Yes, it’s the concealer that George Clooney uses.” Who can argue with George?


Share your concealer experiences with us, by commenting in the section below. Believe its not for you, comment on that below too!



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  1. I can’t imagine going into a beauty store and asking “excuse me, can you help me pick out a concealer”, i may crack up. I may try this given that i have “experiment” with other beauty products, but this (IF I DO IT) will take some time.

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