The youth of our country lie close to my heart; it wasn’t too long ago that I myself was a youth. Ok, maybe a good few years ago. Often a difficult, yet interesting time in a young life, what tugs at my heart strings most is when this time is further complicated by a sense of despair.  


Indulge me for a few moments, please.


Just under half of our South African population is aged 25 years or younger. Now consider that 26,5% of all South Africans cannot find a job and 71% of those unemployed are youth. A third of this 71% are not in employment, education or training (1).


Add to that the fact that the World Economic Forum, in their Global Information Technology Report 2016, ranked the South African education system as being amongst the worst in the world, more specifically 137th out of 139.


As if the situation could not get any worse, South Africa’s working age population is growing faster that its economy, with unemployment at a 13 year high and growing (2).


With a heavy heart, I embarked upon the month of June 2017, Youth Month here in South Africa, wondering what was being done for our youth and youth development. What could I find to give perspective to these statistics that would motivate the youth while at the same time impart a sense of hope for their future? Because their future is my future, it’s South Africa’s future.


So I embarked upon a personal mission to do just that. What did I find? You will have to watch my video below to find out and see if you come to the same conclusion I did.



Contact details for opportunities mentioned in my video:
The Presidents Award South Africa

Edge Executive Search


A big thank you to Mazda South Africa for working with me on this project and for sponsoring the car for the mission. The Mazda CX3 was a great urban explorer and its city-friendly size made for the perfect mission assistant!




(1) – 2015

(2) Biznews February 2017



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