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So I have been playing around with denim lately, trying to style it in its various incarnations and, hopefully, open my mind to new denim style possibilities. But, I ask myself, why is denim such a regular and persistent show stopper at any Fashion Week event?


Shoe shotWhat originally started out as rugged workwear has become a fashion staple in every discerning wardrobe. Despite its mainstream popularity, that pair of jeans you love so much remains one of the most deceptively complex and mysterious fashion pieces of all time. But why I keep asking myself?


I believe this is because, as you wear and care for your jeans, each pair takes on a personality all of its own. And in so doing, speaks to an element of your very own personality. And herein lies the secret to denim, and your various beloved pairs of jeans. Each one is unique, just like you!


Your jeans main ingredient, denim, is believed to have originated in the French town of Nimes. During the 19th century, the robust cotton twill fabric was used to make trousers worn by sailors from Genoa in Italy, regarded by some as the ancestor of the jean, with the French word for Genoa – Gênes – said to have inspired the word jean.


Bearing in mind the heritage of denim, I decided to dress my denims up today. To create a look that is both suitable for a day in the office as much as an outing with fellow well-attired friends.


I bought this pair of River Island skinny jeans about a year ago, and can’t get enough of them. They have worn well over this time, and continue to retain the dark, rich hue that was my main reason for buying them. They are also so comfortable to wear, some days I have to make a conscious decision to wear other pants as I go about my everyday life.


Talking shot


In this dressed up look, the jeans work well to present a textured, yet neutral palette, to compliment my cherry red brogues from Dune London. These shoes have been a firm favourite for some time, and when paired with the correct outfit, they come to life. Winter has traditionally been about texture; now add to the mix the emerging trend of wearing strong colours in the cooler months, and you have an outfit that is fashion forward and on point. These brogues bring these elements together in near perfect unison, love the textured detail on the shoes below.




Continuing to work with textures and strong colours, I have selected this tartan themed shirt with deep, rich hues of red and green to compliment this great woollen blazer. I found both of these at TopMan. The fabrics in both these items make them ideal for winter and add a sense of indulgent luxury to dress up your denims. See?


Bowtie, shirt and blazer


This outfit presented the perfect opportunity to wear my new wooden bow tie from Woodiz. They are a great local enterprise and have a full range of fashion accessories made from wood, including glasses, caps, bags and watches. They have recently added cufflinks to the mix. Did I mention that I was playing with texture? The wooden bow tie takes texture to the next level and rounds off an outfit that, without it, could be seen as borderline conservative and gives it that something extra we all strive for when getting dressed.


How do you dress your denim up and what other styling advice do you think would compliment a dressed up look? Share your styling pics on Instagram and Twitter by tagging me in your post so I can repost! Don’t forget to check out the Before You Go post on Denim Care.




Jump shot



Main Street


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Photography by Lebz Skywalker,, @lebzskywalker on Instagram 




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