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Defined by the trusty internet as the gradual development of something, evolution is a natural state of affairs. It is happening all around us, all of the time. Right now in fact.

And never more so than in the world of motoring. BMW first offered their electrified vehicle range to South Africans, the BMW i-models, in 2015, with the compact urban explorer BMW i3 and performance packed BMW i8. Since then, they have been leading the charge as it were, and are currently the most successful electrified brand in the country.

Internationally, BMW has achieved their goal of selling more than 140 000 electrified vehicles and continue to set their sights high with a target of 500 000 electrified vehicles by the end of 2019. That’s just around the corner. What’s more, plans are being rolled out to have an electrified line up of 25 models by 2025.

BMW i3 in downtown Joburg on My Lime Boots

But what does all this mean to me? What does driving an electric vehicle entail? Are there sufficient charging stations for this relatively new technology, to ensure I don’t run out of power? Will I run out of power? Do I really need another device that requires charging, to add to the more than 10 devices I already have to constantly ensure are charged every day?

So I contacted the chaps at BMW and got my hands on the BMW i3 to answer these questions for myself. And have some fun in the process. *Spoiler alert – this car is tons of fun. I took the car on a mini sight-seeing tour of my home town of Joburg, and then made contact with Shaun Maidment, somewhat of an icon in electrified vehicle circles, to get some insight from a genuine EV expert.

But first, coffee. Vintage Coffee are also leading an evolution, of coffee as they, as they put it, add value to humanity, one cup of exceptional quality art at a time.

Electric vehicles truly require a shift in mindset for you to get the best driving experience from them. The availability of charging stations met my needs and in some instances, even allowed me to park in places I haven’t for some time. When last did you find a parking spot in the High Street in Melrose Arch? EV’s get one every time.

BMW i3 in Joburg on My Lime Boots

While I was at Vintage Coffee, I shot up a storm, while drinking amazing coffee. Watch this space for more on this rather inspiring brand and what they are doing as social champions here in South Africa.

Coffee preparation at Vintage Coffee on My Lime Boots

Capturing Vintage Coffee on Olympus OMD EM 5 on My Lime Boots

Coffee at Vintage Coffee on My Lime Boots

Sweetner at Vintage Coffee on My Lime Boots

Puma Capri at Vintage Coffee on My Lime Boots

I look forward to new additions to the BMW i family as we evolve in the direction of more environmentally conducive transport solutions. On that point, BMW work on the principle of holistic sustainability. This means minimal emissions not only while driving but also in the supply chain, production and recycling. All-round win I say.

Now that’s something I can get behind. Darwin would have been proud.

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