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Everyday we come to this place.

Everyday we sit in anticipation of a piece job.

Everyday we hope for a chance to restore honour, if only for the day, if only for a piece job.

Everyday we share what we have with each other, as we wait; who else would we share with?

Everyday we plan what we will do when the piece job comes through.

Everyday we dream, because it is hard not to.

Everyday we wait.

Not everyday the piece job comes.


While shooting with my friend Kerry for her post for the blog, in Norwood on Boxing Day, we came across a group of guys waiting and hoping for piece jobs. After a brief conversation with them, they allowed me to snap a few shots. Life can be tough for many people, and I am always moved with compassion for those seeking such employment. As I come across such piece job seekers on my daily travels, it is my silent prayer that our Lord will keep them and honour them with work.



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My name is Ryan and I am a work in progress.

(hello Ryan)

I blog about aspects of life that interest and excite me, those issues that make me think and reflect. These musings I look forward to sharing with you on the blog, as they happen.

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