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The #FashionPowerCouple Seamless Style


Fashion should be fun.


And adaptable. To any circumstance.


That may mean a change in your outfit, from one occasion to the next, but most times, it means wearing something that you are comfortable in, no matter what the occasion. Life changes and so do your styling needs.


Having said that, it’s important to be able to up, or down-style your outfit. As with Daniella being comfortable on the beach in a pair of heels, when an overcast Tuesday afternoon took us up the Cape West Coast for a drive and along the beach for a walk.


Fashion Power Couple on beach wall


Daniella’s top and circle skirt, from Cape Town-based Stefania Morland, were constructed of delicious damask, heavy upholstery-like fabric which made the garments warm and structured, perfect for a somewhat overcast day. This outfit is the new suit – who says such a look has to be a blazer and pants. Fashion adaptability right there on the beach!

Daniella in heels

Daniella’s heels, so unexpected in a beach setting, are from Studio W at Woolworths while the burgundy cross-body satchel is designed and manufactured locally by Bloss & Co

In keeping with adaptable, seamless style, Ryan opted for an item which is traditionally dressed down, a pair of joggers.

Fashion Power Couple against a building


The joggers were, however, dressed up to compliment the coutre-based style Daniella was wearing. These Imperial Denim maroon joggers with copper zip ankle detail, from Premium V.N.T.G. were styled up with another local Cape Town label, Ministry 4 Style, navy blazer and white silk tee. Picking up on the yellow lining and collar detail in the jacket, Ryan’s outfit was rounded off wearing yellow trainers.


Ryan jacket yellow detail


Both these outfits, as styled, were perfect accompaniments to a late afternoon stroll on the beach. A few minor personal adjustments could have resulted in each outfit being further dressed down to fit your particular style needs. However, the overall style presented, between Daniella and Ryan, remains a Fashion Power Couple outfit of the first order.


Daniella at Mercedes Benz


A more handsome, stylishly appointed couple was not to be found on the beach that afternoon.



Fashion Power Couple walking away


Thanks to Mercedes Benz, the Fashion Power Couple travelled in style up the Cape West Coast. Our car, a C 250 diesel estate, made for the perfect shooting companion and prop for the photoshoot. 

Ryan at Mercedes Benz


See more on our Fashion Power Couple Instagram account, Twitter account and Facebook Page.

Photography by Lebz Skywalker, on the web and Instagram


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