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I smile; sometimes – in a forest

So I have received one or two comments recently, to the effect that I don’t smile in my posts. Ok, fair enough, let me think about that.


Wait a minute, I do smile. Β In fact, I think I have a lovely smile. I just find it hard to put one on when being photographed. So I went off recently with my friend Juliana to capture said stunning smile where it comes out best – in a forest.

Ryan 1
See how casual I can be with my nice big smile?


In fact, I find myself quite adaptable to my surroundings when I smile more. See how I can watch my own back when in this frame of mind?

Got my back
I see you, seeing me.


Some more happy happy madness in the forest

New skills were the order of the day



Bag jump

Bag jumping jacks

The ol' bag and I
The ol’ bag and I


The bag developed some serious attitude - say what?
The bag developed some serious attitude – say what?


I showed it, um him? her
I showed it, um him? her


Enough fun for one afternoon, getting back into mode for future blog posts. Too much of a good thing, is well, not too good.

Ryan serious



A huge thanks to my dear friend Juliana for indulging my craziness. She is the artist who took all these awesome shots. Check out her Instagram account for many more great shots on @juxtaposedjules. Jules and her man Robby have also started a photography venture, Always Anchored Photography. Check them out on Facebook or on Instagram @always_anchored


Check out my Instagram account for a video of even more shenanigans!



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      1. It’s a pine forst in Bryanston JJ, really awesome place to shoot. Early mornings with the light coming through the trees must be amazing!

    1. This was just brilliant! A good laugh and I can see you had fun doing it! You look awesome with or without a smile πŸ™‚

    2. Ryan, you’re the best, man!!! What would we do without your joyful craziness??? And glad to see that the lime boots are now featured on the blog!!

      1. Hey Vince! So glad you enjoyed the post, we all need a little crazy now and again!

        These are not the actual lime boots, rather the baby brother. Was planning on wearing my lime boots, but thought I may look somewhat suspicious in them in a forest!

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