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Ahh, the creative space. Just the place to express oneself in word and image, and these days, in video too. I have not always occupied this space; for many years of my life I was a bit of a corporate drone, even when I worked for myself. My daily output was anything but creative as I spent my days (and way too many nights) in a formal office environment.


Fast forward to around three years ago, and my life has changed. My outputs these days are all about creativity. Editing video footage, shot over a period of time and weaving it together into a narrative that communicates a sense of the actual experience, man I love that. As this shift has evidenced itself in my life, so the space in which I create such content, has morphed. My day is no longer defined by a 9 to 5 mentality and even less so by one single workspace. Coffee shops across Joburg and co-working spaces in Cape Town are my norm. My working hours are mostly aligned to the times they are open.


And all too often I am known by the staff of the establishments I frequent. In one I am known as Reggie, not sure why but I’ve left it too long to correct. I quite like the idea of being someone else each time I cross that particular threshold.


Understand that editing video in somewhat public spaces requires headphones. I may think my latest vlog is my best work to date and, truly, should be seen by everyone with a semi-ok internet connection, but not everyone around me at any given moment shares this sentiment. I have been using the same headphones for the last two years, a rather interesting bright orange pair I got on the Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus in Cape Town. The only reason I like them is the colour, they are those free jobs people generally leave behind on the bus.


So when the chaps at Sudio Sweden Premium Earphones approached me recently to colab with them, my answer was a definite yes mid-email. The name Sudio finds its origins in the Phil Collins song Sussudio, and I kid you not that very song is playing as I sit in one of my locals here in Joburg and write this post.


Sudio Regent at Mon Petit Throbb on My Lime Boots


So I selected two of my Joburg locals to test my Regents, the state-of-the-art wireless on-ear headphones in the Sudio range.


Mon Petit Throbb

First up, coffee and video editing at Mon Petit Throbb in Fourways. I love this spot as I find the decor inspiring; also the sound of running water at my favourite table in the back of the shop seems to lubricate the creative process that this morning is my brain.


Sudio Regent in use for editing on My Lime Boots

Editing video with Sudio Regent on My Lime Boots


Available in both black and white, I opted for the clean crisp white pair. The white demands a little more care but I’m a sucker for the simple lines found in it’s ultamodern design. If it’s your thing, you can customise your Regents with interchangeable caps. I opted not to add the caps, preferring the white all round. The sound quality on the Regent is mindblowing, which is exactly what I was looking for in a new pair of headphones, owing to such regular use.


The Regent achieves a balance of instrumental tones and noise clarity, just what I need when editing video. This technical prowess delivers a first class listening experience, enabling me to accurately match sound to video during my morning of editing.


Full length outfit at Mon Petit Throbb on My Lime Boots


Taking my cue from the Regents, I decided to play with white and add pink to my outfit. Although we are firmly in the clutches of winter this side of the planet, colours more traditionally associated with summer can, and should, be worn during winter. The kicker element in this outfit was these Diesel Dyneckt metallic sneakers, something I have wanted for quite some time. They scream creativity and the finish still has me mesmerised.


Diesel metallic sneakers on My Lime Boots



The Baron Kyalami

A change from morning to afternoon calls for a change in outfit, not so? And the late afternoon calls for a visit to another favourite, the Baron Kyalami.


Located in the newly developed Kyalami Corner in Northern Joburg, I was keen to try out the new Baron styling to be rolled out to other stores. I am a regular at other Barons, including 011 Dainfern (see my recent post here) and enjoy ending off days in their fine company.


The Baron Kyalami Corner on My Lime Boots


My Sudio Regents were at home in this space, striking quite a pose against the dark wood bar top. 


Sudio Regents at Baron Kyalami on My Lime Boots


Having spent most of my morning editing video, I decided it was time to pair my iPhone to my Regents for a stint of viewing other bloggers YouTube creations. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.1 technology I am able to pair my Regents to my MacBook and my iPhone simultaneously, which makes the change over between devices seamless. Nothing is missed! 


The Regents boast an impressive 24 plus hours of battery life, something I could not test in just one day. However, since shooting for this post I have continued to use my Regents and their battery life claim is a reality! The Sudio Regent transcends the traditional headphone market and makes for an accessory which complements my mobile lifestyle.


Sudio Regent and iPhone on My Lime Boots


Owing to a rather laid back approach this afternoon, I needed my frame of mind to reflect in my outfit. I paired my dark wash Wrangler jeans together with my red-check Louis ii shirt and olive green longer length Imperial cotton knit jumper. The hint of red makes for an outfit that is comfortable but which hints at style. Skinny fit chinos did a great job of finishing off the look.


Louis ii shirt at Baron Kyalami Corner on My Lime Boots


I have long been a fan of the Jeep Gecko work boot, often my go-to shoes when I am planning to be out for a few days shooting and filming. Tough, go-anywhere and very comfortable for when I am on my feet all day, they just are not what I would shoot myself in for blog and social media content. Now Jeep has the Ohio, which I am wearing here and I love the little styling updates. Still the same rugged and reliable boot, just a little easier on the (my) eye. These boots scream street to me and I love them – style and genuine comfort. Winner!


Jeep Ohio at Baron Kyalami Corner on My Lime Boots


Who Wants To Win?

Since I was so taken by the Jeep Ohio’s, the guys at Jeep have given me a pair to giveaway. Who’s in?


How can you enter? Simple, head on over to Sudio, check out their range of headphones (the options are endless, more than just the Regent which I selected, I need to see your creativity here!) and tell me which in the range you would pair with the Jeep Ohio’s I’m giving away. This is how you do that:

  • Comment below and tell me your pairing, entry 1.
  • Find my Tweet about this post, like it, retweet it then respond to the tweet with details of your pairing, tagging a friend, entry 2.
  • Find my blog Facebook post about this post, like it, share it then respond to the Facebook post with details of your pairing, tagging a friend, entry 3.


That’s three opportunities to enter the Jeep Ohio giveaway! While you are on each platform, be sure to give Sudio a follow. You can find them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


This giveaway is open to all people living in South Africa and closes at 16h00 on Tuesday 18 July 2017. The decision as to the winner as announced will be final.


And The Winner Is…

Well done to Dionne Davidson who wins a pair of Jeep Ohio’s, Dionne entered by commenting on this blog post and will soon be enjoying the amazing comfort and style that I enjoyed above!


Save On Your Sudio Purchase

Just when you thought I had nothing more to give, Sudio joined in and are giving 15% off to all My Lime Boots readers when you order here. Be sure to quote “MYLIMEBOOTS15” to claim your discount and experience the Sudio quality just like I get to each day.


Find Diesel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Find Jeep on Facebook and Instagram.



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  1. I would DEFS hit the Regent Black with those boots. Both perfect for the cooler winter morning. Boots covering my feet, Regent covering my ears.

  2. Wow, so cool! I would most definitely pair those gorgeous ohios with the Regent earphones, in white! ://

  3. My pairing would be the Vasa BLÅ – Rose Gold White because Rose Gold is just so in this year, I love it

  4. Their whole range rocks! But I definitely have to go with the Reagent Black Headphones 😉 They would compliment the Jeep Ohio’s perfectly – ready to take on the outdoors and streets while rocking out so some awesome beats! 😉

  5. Those white earphones Ryan. Hot hot hot. By tge way im coming to raid your wardrobe lol. Loved every photo on this blog. Perfection personified just amazing

  6. I would definitely pair the Reagent Black Headphones to go with those awesone boots… you can walk in style and listen to your awesome jams over the headphones. And while you at it, one could dance to those jams in comfort while wearing your Jeep Ohio’s . The perfect pairing…… aaaaahhhhhh…..?

  7. Oooooh these gorgeous Jeep Ohio’s need something equally as fabulous so I’d style them with the SUDIO Vasa Earphones – Rose Gold White – because I love the bit of rose gold bling on them and they’re sleek and discreet and easy to pocket!!! The range is amazing.

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