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In our first guest post, we hear from Lebo, or Lebzskywalker as he is more affectionately known. Enjoy!




Yep it’s upon us again, Valentine’s Day; a feast of Saint Valentine, a day of religious origins, wonder why we never see that connection on TV?


Anyway, fact is, despite my reluctance to join in the celebratory festivities of this day, like many individuals out there you may find yourself with a partner who does celebrate this day; and you are left with the daunting task of buying a gift for this special person.


In which case you’re clueless as to where to start. Well this process kept me uneasy for a couple of days until it dawned upon me. The fact that I have questions about this day puts me at an advantage.


I started thinking, what could I buy her that would be practical and show her I love her, all of my days, instead of just on this one day. The boring red and white gifts were immediately out of the question.


Next I started recalling our casual conversations about what she wished she had.


gift cardThen like the occasional unexpected hiding I got from my gran when I was a little boy, common sense kicked in – what was I thinking? Why buy a gift at all, when, by doing so I would be taking away the joy of the shopping experience! So I’m getting my special lady a gift voucher. That was a close one Lebz!




Lebz profile pic red shoesToday’s Guest Writer Lebo was born in Kwathema, on the East Rand of Johannesburg. Lebo was drawn to the visual arts from a young age. After matriculating he co-founded the Reunited Siblings Initiative and shortly thereafter published three poetry and visual art anthologies, joined a band collective called Mahube and studied a year of printmaking.

He never finished his printmaking studies but poetry remained his first love. Of late he has discovered a passion for photography, which now enables him to combine both the written word and visual art mediums. From this Lebzskywalker Photography and Poetry was born.

@lebzskywalker on Instagram and Twitter


Lebz is the photographic talent behind the fashion photography here on My Lime Boots – Ed.


Image credits: Lebzskywalker Photography, Pinterest 

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