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I love books. Always have.

It was quite something for me when, about two years ago, I took the plunge and transitioned from the tactile to the virtual (the dark side some might say). Books have always been a fond companion to me and continue to be to this very day, even if in the form of the Kindle app on my phone. For many years books allowed me to indulge my sense of fantasy, although not quite on the Narnia and Harry Potter levels (thank goodness, have you ever, actually, seen a person with three eyes?) but a young boy’s fantasies nonetheless, about life; and a different life than was then his reality.

I was able to escape, to a world of my own making, to be the person in the circumstances I so desired. Shoo, it’s quite something to see that last sentence in black and white.  It took me many years to realise that the best way to live my life was to actually pursue these thoughts and ambitions and, thirty odd years later I started my blog. Which achieves exactly that.

At least I think so.

Anyway, back to the here and now, as it were. Why am I writing about books in a luxury travel piece about a boutique hotel I recently visited, in Cape Town? Because books were the first thing I noticed upon my arrival at the O On Kloof Boutique Hotel and Spa, and it set my heart aflutter no-end!

Books at O On Kloof on My Lime Boots

More books at O On Kloof on My Lime Boots

In addition to the familiar greeting received from the books, I was warmly welcomed by the manager Pat, ready to offer me a glass of bubbly. The vibe at O On Kloof is just that – warm, friendly, welcoming. It may be cliched to say, but it really felt like a home away from home. And this welcome continued all through my stay.

A particularly pleasant two hours was passed late one afternoon at the bar chatting to Diverson, the barman. Not only did he guide me through menu options (I’ll admit I had a local beer) but in a space where I would usually be somewhat less chatty, I found myself putting my MacBook and photo editing to one side and engaging with this fine gentleman. He told me about life in Malawi and his hopes for a better life here in South Africa for his family. I reflected on my dreams and wondered, was I living them? Was I being the best My Lime Boots I could be, at this precise moment in time? My time with Diverson really forced me to take stock, how many previous opportunities had I missed to engage with people in favour of my computer? Balance was a key word I found resounding in my head that afternoon.

Champaigne at O On Kloof on My Lime Boots

Diverson at O On Kloof on My Lime Boots

O On Kloof is an eight-roomed little-piece-o-home, located in the heart of the Mother City, making it perfectly positioned to allow one to partake of all that Cape Town has to offer. What better way to pass an afternoon than to sail on a yacht taking in a somewhat different view of Table Moutain, Green Point and the beaches of Clifton. Champagne was the order of the day and I made some great new friends coasting down the, um,  coast.

Altermative Table Mountain Views from Mirage 360 on My Lime Boots

Mirage 360 on My Lime Boots

Sailing on MIrage 360 past Table Mountain on My Lime Boots

Back to my suite at O On Kloof for a night of rest and I was ready for the next day, which would see me take in the spa located on the property. My planning could not have been better as the tensions, worries and stresses of life were effectively dealt with by my therapist.

Suite at O On Kloof Boutique Hotel and Spa on My Lime Boots

Slight view of room O On Kloof Boutique Hotel and Spa on My Lime Boots

Views from O On Kloof Boutique Hotel and Spa on My Lime Boots

Spa at O On Kloof Boutique Hotel on My Lime Boots

Of course, the true luxury life is lived in the details and my stay in the heart of the Mother City allowed me to express this ethos in my accessories. The classical Drive de Cartier watch, a new shape men’s watch from the watchmaker, has styling that is right up my alley. Finished in rose gold the piece is complemented by a brown leather strap. The watch is cushioned shaped, but round which adds to its interest and it paired well with my yachting gear. I like the fact that this watch is not a mass-market product, which ensures its timeless appeal, even for a new piece.

Drive de Cartier and Salvatore Ferragamo accessories on My Lime Boots

Range Rover and Salvatore Ferragamo accessories on My Lime Boots

Salvatore Ferragamo keyring on My Lime Boots

Finishing off my accessories I was in the good company of my Salvatore Ferragamo wallet and Gancini keyring with engraved logo plaque. Salvatore Ferragamo has a long-standing legacy of fine craftsmanship and stylish accessories in addition to their legendary footwear. Perchance, the shoes I had opted for on my afternoon on the yacht, were also from Salvatore Ferragamo.

Salvatore Ferragamo shoes on the yacht on My Lime Boots

On my last afternoon in the Mother City I met up with my friend Di Brown aka The Roaming Giraffe. Di took me on a photo mission and shared some of her favourite spots around the city, where she captures many of the amazing shots she posts daily on her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Be sure to show Di some loving and give her a follow (that’s if you don’t already), you’ll receive daily inspirational shots of life in and around Cape Town. Let me share some of the shots I snapped during our mission.

Crashing sea in Sea Point on My Lime Boots

Crashing waves on My Lime Boots

Man at sunset in Sea Point on My Lime Boots

Sunset walk on the beach in Cape Town on My Lime Boots

Spending time at O On Kloof allowed me to indulge my enjoyment of the luxury life while at the same time take some time out. Its location is well suited to just about any activity in Cape Town. Check out my video below for living like a Capetonian in 60 seconds.

Be sure to check out these rather well-priced flights to Cape Town, so you too can get your Capetonian vibe going.

A big thank you to all at O On Kloof for hosting me during my stay and allowing me to live like a true Capetonian, even if just for a few days!

Find O On Kloof on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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