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As we find ourselves fully in the middle of autumn, on this side of the globe, each day we bid evermore farewell to the balmy summer days we have so enjoyed here in South Africa. Having said that, autumn in Joburg is still rather pleasant and allows for much latitude in outfit planning. The daytime temperatures are pleasant and the nights cool, but tolerable.


I enjoy winter, becoming reacquainted with old friends from the wardrobe that I haven’t seen for a while. The textures of my coats, the sensation of cocooning in indulgently longer garments and the feel of cashmere on my skin. Such are the secret pleasantries of winter. Enjoyable, for a season.


So, in this contemplative state of mind, and with thoughts of seasonal change aflutter in my head, I was led to reflect on the summer that was.

 MInt contemplation


One of my more fond recollections of the summer gone was my flirtation with the colour mint. Like those summer romances we all fall victim to, leaving us somewhat breathless and in secret pining of more, my mint affair was, to my mind, over too soon. At least so I thought.


Subtly cool, clean-cut, and refreshing — mint, when done right, is the accent colour that can make a look feel both fresh and edgy. The best shades of mint fall on the cooler side of the colour spectrum. Mint does a splendid job of accenting bolder colours such as a bright red, a graphic black or even navy.


Mint from right


I especially enjoyed wearing my mint pants with this black and white pineapple button up shirt. A pair of black leather brogues completes this look, which often served me well during the season.


Mint and brogues 


Mint can continue to be paired with bold colours and prints, long into the cooler autumn months. This go-to colour has an extended life beyond the traditional spring and summer months. Incorporating mint into an autumn look ensures that, when paired with other season appropriate pieces, your look continues to radiate a fresh, bold attitude, serving as a striking contrast to the traditional autumn colour spectrum.


Mint from the left


Fresh and strikingly different, mint is a great shade to flaunt and I’m delighted that I will be able to continue flaunting into autumn and, perhaps, early winter? Amazing what a few, minor, outfit adjustments can do to accommodate the change in temperatures, while still indulging the desires of our fashion conscious hearts.


Photography by Lebz Skywalker,, @lebzskywalker on Instagram 




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