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So picture this. You’ve just woken up, it’s a Saturday morning. You know this because you emerged from a state of joyous slumber, without being serenaded by a screaming alarm clock. That, and yesterday was Friday.


But I digress.


No fixed plans are in place for the weekend – which is literally your two-day oyster. Winner. Now hold onto that feeling. What do you do? Me, I want to experience everything and nothing simultaneously. I want new experiences in my city yet I also want to read, and perhaps go back to sleep.




Weekend wanderlust wins the arm-wrestling match taking place in my head and I jump out of bed. Coffee would be really good right about now.


In this state I head out in search of, not just breakfast, but a breakfast experience. Ordinary will not be tolerated.


Ok, are we on the same page right about now?


My Saturday Find

And with that, I present to you the first instalment in My Saturday Find. An ongoing search for places to breakfast, brunch, lunch or just plain grab a drink when in said frame of mind. The only no-no is anything resembling the conventional.


The first My Saturday Find is Doppio Zero Bassonia, in the south of Joburg. My friend Marlene told me about this place some time ago and we went there one evening for supper. I fell in love (with the venue). I’m not a huge franchise fan but the very essence of this space resonated with my soul from the get-go.


Doppio Zero Bassonia shop layout


Opened in late August 2018 and owned and managed by the father-son team of Basil, Foti and Petro Papageorgiou, the personal touch is evident from the minute you arrive. This extends not only to the service you receive but also to the décor and overall shop layout. It’s a Doppio Zero that looks anything like what I know a Doppio Zero to be – most worthy of the first My Saturday Find.


The shop takes full advantage of the breathtaking views of picturesque Glenvista, rolling green hills and all. Despite limited actual outside seating, Basil has cleverly created an inside-outside area within the shop space.


Doppio Zero outside inside area on My Lime Boots

Doppio Zero windows on inside outside area on My Lime Boots


In fact, Basil’s background in architecture and flair for design are evident throughout, with a New York Grand Central Station themed hanging iron-work piece in the centre of the shop harking back to glamorous Art Deco days, and various items of furniture scattered throughout the shop, custom made for your dining experience. Even the pizza oven was custom designed for the shop.


Perusing the breakfast menu I opted for the Haloumi Poached Eggs complete with sliced tomato and fresh basil, served on sourdough. The eggs were just what I was looking for, a smooth ball of tender egg white cradling a soft yolk, which gently spilt out over my haloumi as I went about my breakfast experience.


Doppio Zero breakfast on My Lime Boots

Breakfast close up on My Lime Boots

Doppio Zero breakfast lemon squeeze on My Lime Boots


What do I really like about this space? Well, there really isn’t that much not to like, even the baby changing station is stocked with baby changing supplies. And I don’t even have a baby! The shop is equally suitable for a quick newspaper reading breakfast, a Sunday lunch with the family or a catch-up drink with your mate. All done in style.


Doppio Zero bathrooms on My Lime Boots

Florentines at Doppio Zero Bassonia on My Lime Boots


Starting next week the Doppio Zero Fresh campaign kicks off, which pairs a fresher than fresh juice (one for every day of the week) with a specially formulated, low sodium content and all those good things meal, as the brand seeks to encourage us towards healthier goals in 2019. Yay for new years resolutions’ partners!


Find Them

Doppio Zero Bassonia is open seven days a week from 7:00. Find them at Comaro View Shopping Centre, corner Comaro Street and Soetdoring Avenue, Bassonia. Alternatively hit this Waze link to take you straight there now!


Also find Doppio Zero on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


The Low Down

The shop has WiFi for customers, a cappuccino goes for R32 and they encourage a no straw approach, with the ones they do use being biodegradable and compostable.


Coffee at Doppio Zero Bassonia on My Lime Boots


That One Thing

The one thing you have to know when you go to Doppio Zero Bassonia? Ask for a table with the turquoise lounge-esque seat, the ones in the shop were custom made and you won’t get the same lounging experience anywhere else in, well, the world.


Lounging at Doppio Zero Bassonia on My Lime Boots


Check out more about Doppio Zero Bassonia on Eat Out and jump onto their app to rate your experience.


In one word Doppio Zero Bassonia is an experience, perfectly matched to your weekend sense of adventure. Who would want to go back to sleep knowing this experience lies ahead?


Have a good one!



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  1. Hi Ryan thank you very much for the wonderful article. My husband and I often look for nice places to have a bite. We did not know that there is a Doppio Zero here close to us. You should try the one in Rosebank specially VERY early on a Sunday morning when you can sit outside facing the fountains watching all the fitness fanatics popping in.

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