In a week flavoured by intense emotions and intermittent bouts of serious self-reflection following the loss of my dear friend Meruschka Govender aka Mzansi Girl, I decided not to break my weekly search for interesting spots to satisfy my weekend wanderlust. Nope. I think that is what Mush would have done.


So in this frame of mind, I present this week’s My Saturday Find, Kitcheners Bar based in the old Lord Milner Hotel in inner-city Joburg. It’s also one of the oldest (but not THE oldest) bars in town. If you’re new to this weekly spot, check out my first post in the series to understand my thinking and what I’m looking for.


Kitchener’s is the place you go in search of a good old fashioned bar experience, perfect for a long, lazy Saturday afternoon. Complete with wallpaper that looks like it was applied when the bar first opened in the early 1900s, to the little bits of life-experiences engrained into the bar counter and friendly, hearty staff to match, Kitchener’s typifies the My Saturday Find ethos. It’s the kind of place you expect your tomato sauce to come served in one of those retro plastic tomato containers. Do you remember them?


Retro Tomato Sauce Bottle on My Lime Boots

Kitchener’s food is simple bar fare perfect for days when you’re in just such a mood. I’ve always enjoyed pub grub, there is something very honest about it that is part and parcel of the whole experience. And then there’s the Joburger option on their menu. Spoiler alert – if you don’t like banana on food (some people go into meltdown at the mere thought of banana on pizza), look away now.


Joburger option at Kitcheners Bar for My Saturday Find on My Lime Boots


When I first wrote about Kitchener’s in late 2017 as part of a Burgers and Beers post, I fell head over heels for the banana on the burger option. I just really like banana that much. So much so that whenever I am in Braamfontein, I stop in to get my banana fix. 


Of course being in a bar I paired the burger with a good old traditional Castle Draught. When in Rome and all.


Burger and beer meal at Kitcheners for My Saturday Find on My Lime Boots


On my last trip to Kitchener’s I made a little video about my experience at this fine establishment, check it out below to gauge more on the vibe that Kitchener’s offers.



Check out more about Kitchener’s Bar on Eat Out and jump onto their app to rate your experience once you’ve been there. Find them on the corner of Juta and De Beer streets in Braamfontein or look them up on Facebook


Have a good one!



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