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My Saturday Find, belated as it may be, takes me to an old favourite I discovered back in 2017 in Newtown, Joburg. Not sure about the My Saturday Find thinking, check out my first post in the series here.


An avant-garde restaurant, located inside a craft beer brewery in the heart of old Joburg and with a 5-star rating on Eat Out for service. I was sold and needed to experience this imagined delight.


So it was that I went to Urbanologi, inside the Mad Giant Brewery located in the 1Fox Precinct in downtown Joburg, to meet owner Eben Uys and experience his self-styled urban-garde cuisine. Perhaps I would try a beer too.


Eben overflows with passion for both his brewery and his restaurant, sharing with me the various ways in which they push boundaries, all the while challenging our taste buds. We were spoiled for choice on the rather extensive menu, enjoying crispy dropped black pepper pork belly with tamarind dressing, butternut puree, cucumber and smoked peanuts; venison tataki with smoked amasi labneh, beetroot pesto and pickled candy beetroot and sweet potato with buffalo milk labneh and puffed nori cracker. See my snaps of these great dishes below and more of what we ate in my video.


Pork Belly at Urbanologi on My Lime Boots

Venison Carpaccio at Urbanologi on My Lime Boots

Sweet potato at Urbanologi on My Lime Boots


After you’ve indulged in the fine cuisine at Urbanologi, be sure to ask for a brewery tour. You’ll love the range of craft beers produced by Mad Giant – with names like Killer Hop, Super Session, Jozi Carjacker and Electric Light there’s one just for your refined craft beer palate! Did you catch the origin of the Mad Giant name in my video above?


Urbanologi was an absolute treat to experience, one of those establishments that require multiple visits to truly appreciate.


Find Them

Urbanologi and Mad Giant are open seven days a week from midday until 22h00, except Sundays when they close at 18h00. Find them at 1 Fox Street, Ferreeirasdorp, Johannesburg. Alternatively hit this Waze link to take you straight there now!


Find Urbanologi on the webInstagramFacebook and Twitter.

Find Mad Giant on the webInstagramFacebook and Twitter.


That One Thing

The one thing you have to know when you visit Urbanologi? It’s all about tastes and flavours and the journey as you spend time exploring the urban-garde menu. Make sure you have time on your hands, it is certainly not an in-and-out one hour experience, unless you want it to be!


Check out more about Urbanologi on Eat Out and jump onto their app to rate your experience.


Have a good one!



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