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Birdhaven, a small, lush, leafy suburb located in the heart of the northern suburbs of Joburg, plays home to this weeks My Saturday Find. Voodoo Lily Café is a spot I have frequented several times over the last few years, mainly to take in the “escape from the city” vibe I so enjoy while in their surrounds. Voodoo Lily Cafe provides the space for a momentary pause, a time out amidst the hectic pace of what we commonly call life.


That, and the sense of community that the Voodoo Lily ethos aspires towards. Owner Jonathan Beattie defines Voodoo Lily Cafe as a family community-based meeting point, with something for everyone. I firmly believe that in this day and age, a sense of community should be firmly on our individual agendas.


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Outside Seating at Voodoo Lily Cafe n My Lime Boots
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Voodoo Lily Café has an inspiring and diverse breakfast and lunch menu on offer seven days a week, and are open for supper on a Friday night. The shop also ticks the deli box, offering a wide range of fresh bread and other locally made goodies. Community fare at its best.


Bunless banting burger at Voodoo Lily Cafe on My Lime Boots


On my visit to Voodoo Lily Café, I decided to push all boundaries and try the banting inspired bunless burger. Complete with avo, tomato and fresh greens, nestled on a base of lettuce and topped off with sweet potato chips, this was healthy food all the way. And rather tasty I must admit. With all that healthy goodness on one plate, I needed to restore some um, balance, and decided a Jack Black draught was in order. One simply cannot say no when Jack Black is on tap in an establishment.


Bunless banting burger and Jack Black draught a Voodo Lily Cafe n My Lime Boots

Voodoo Lily Cafe for My Saturday Find on My Lime Boots


I made a video of my foray into the bunting realm as part of a previous Burgers and Beers post, it really is something to try for the novice health food seeker.



Find Them

Voodoo Lily Café is open seven days a week from 7:00 and for supper on a Friday night. Find them at 64 St Andrew Street, Birdhaven. Alternatively hit this Waze link to take you straight there now!


Also find Voodoo Lily Café on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


The Low Down

The shop has WiFi for customers, a cappuccino goes for R30 (the large one) and they make use paper straws.


That One Thing

The one thing you have to know when you go to Voodoo Lily Café in Birdhaven? The offering is strongly orientated towards healthier eating habits, but take a feather from my cap and give it a try. My bunless-banting-burger was a great experience, and I certainly didn’t leave feeling hungry.


Check out more about Voodoo Lily Cafe on Eat Out and jump onto their app to rate your experience.


What’s more, Voodoo Lily Café is kid-friendly, catering for their unique set of needs and includes a jungle gym in the park across the road.


Have a good one!




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