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I spent the first few minutes of Saturday morning pondering life and gazing upon Table Mountain from my hotel window. A sense of peace, predominant in my mind, complimented an ever increasing sensation of tummy-butterflies as my excitement gathered momentum. Such are the frivolities of a Joburg boy. Race Day had begun and the sun was out in full African splendour, in contrast to the drizzle of the day before.


I was in Cape Town for the Sun Met, celebrated with Mumm. For more on the first day of my Sun Met Weekend, see my Friday post here. The history of the Met, as it is known to locals, is linked to Lord Charles Somerset, Governor of the Cape during the early 1800s. In its formative days, the race was run on the Green Point Common with English soldiers stationed at the Cape Garrison racing one another. The fine women folk of the time would come out to watch the spectacle, fully adorned in their finery. Bingo, a love affair between fashion and horse racing was ignited.


The race moved to Kenilworth in the late 1800s and became the SA Turf Club’s main feature, held in summer each year. And Kenilworth is where I would be heading later this day to enjoy the event, with local hotelier Sun International taking over the reins of this prestigious affair, now the Sun Met. But I get ahead of myself. First I was off for a bit of brunch and some social media catch up time.


Saturday Brunch

I have a love affair with inner-cities, whether they be my hometown of Joburg or others I am blessed to visit. Perhaps this is because, for most of my childhood, inner city Joburg was a no-go zone, a place of squalor and neglect, as South Africa edged closer to a turning point in her story. A trip to the city never fails to excite me, so off I went to Company Gardens in Cape Town, for brunch.

Walking in Company Gardens on My Lime Boots


I decided to rely on a fashion staple, a stint of double denim (remember my triple denim post I did back in 2015?). The key to double denim is to ensure there is a contrast between the two denim pieces worn, so I paired my dark wash River Island skinny jeans with a combination grey/blue denim shirt acquired from Mr Price some years ago. With the unpredictable Cape Town weather always a factor in my mind, I opted for this multi coloured summer scarf from Woolworths, which also served to add some colour to the look.


On bridge at Company Gardens on My Lime Boots


I added colour to the overall look with these stunning Radcliffe Derby Brogue’s in red from Dune London. The broguing detail on these shoes combined with their striking colour make for a statement pair of footwear which can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood. Rounding off the outfit, I added in this Ferrari Ultraleggero watch with its red, white and green strap (keep reading I am giving one of these away today). Man doesn’t the red just pop in this outfit?


Dune London red brogues on My Lime Boots

Ferrari watch on My Lime Boots


Brunch Grooming Items

In keeping with the Ferrari theme, I opted for the Ferrari Man In Red fragrance (I’m also giving one of these away today!). When I first came across this fragrance I was rather sceptical about a car brand playing in this space, but once I had experienced Ferrari Man In Red, all my doubts were laid aside as my senses were awakened by the captivating notes of bergamot and cardamom. This intense, fresh fragrance was well paired with not only my mood this Saturday morning, by also my outfit.


Sun Met Brunch Accessories on My Lime Boots


Based on the success with Hairgum the previous day, I decided to give the Gummy variant a try on my brunch outing. Once again this classic old school wax in a shoe polish tin delivered the goods. Gummy is a fibrous textured, non-greasy wax which allowed for adjustments to my hair throughout the day, without adding any extra product. Just what I needed to ensure my hair remained on point, despite prevailing winds! Yip, you guessed it, I am also giving one of these away today – see the end of this post!


The Main Event

The theme for this years Sun Met was Decades Of Glamour, celebrating fashion from the 1920s to current. I have always enjoyed the sense of flamboyance so celebrated in the 1920s; think over-the-top parties and spontaneous renditions of the Charleston. The social networkers of the day knew how to live it up and party like it was, um, the 1920s (you thought I was going start singing Prince’s 1999 hey?). In this frame of mind, I decided on a slightly updated take on Leonardo DiCaprio’s Gatsby.


The Sun Met with Mumm On My Lime Boots


The 1920s was a time of the dandy, but I didn’t want so obvious a take incorporated into my outfit as a whole. However, my pink and yellow bowtie from Dandy AF added just enough of a hint of the dandy. Add in the Fedora from Markham and I was well on my way to my desired look.


This outfit also allowed me to add a stunning pair of double strap monk’s from Dune London, something I have been desiring to add to my collection for some time, but just never got round to. Their classic elegance and timeless style made them an understated, yet key piece in my outfit.


Dandy AF bowtie and shoes on My Lime Boots

Dune Double Strap Monks on My Lime Boots


The true hero of my outfit was this light grey, slim-fit suit from River Island. I never struggle when looking for suits at River Island, who have a wide range from classic to contemporary pieces. This piece really brought the look together, in line with the theme I had opted for, but with modern tailoring to ensure an updated expression of a true classic. Paired with my Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield watch with black leather strap, my outfit was complete.


Sun Met in River Island suit on My Lime Boots


I had a fantastic time at the Sun Met, hosted by Sun International, who put on a first-class event and this as the inaugural event to boot. The weather was glorious which allowed for much trackside entertainment as the fillies strutted their stuff, with Whiskey Baron winning the main race. I spent the rest of the afternoon and into the evening mingling with the who’s who of South African society and fashionista’s alike.


Cape Town based model Anesu Chogugudza and his girlfriend Abongwe took home the award for Best Dressed Couple, a much-deserved accolade. With GH Mumm Champagne aflow, my time at the Sun Met lasted long into the evening and will go down as a very memorable start to 2017.


Sun Met Whos Who on My Lime Boots


I Want You To Win

It wouldn’t be a My Lime Boots post if you couldn’t win something too! I have a R2 000 River Island voucher for one lucky reader to win this week. Here’s what you need to do:


  • Check out all three blog posts in this series (first one went live yesterday Tuesday, 7 February and the third one will be live this week Thursday, 9 February).
  • Decide which of the four looks you like best (today’s post has two looks).
  • Find the relevant post on Twitter and Facebook for the look you like best and retweet it on Twitter and share it on Facebook as your entry into the giveaway.


The Nitty Gritty

Please note that the giveaway is only open to readers living in South Africa. The giveaway closes on Friday 10 February 2017 at 16h00. The winner will be announced on Saturday 11 February 2017 here on the blog. You may enter as many times as you like, on either platform.


But You Can Also Win Today!

Yip, in addition to the fab prize I’m giving away above, I also have a second prize consisting of a Ferrari Ultraleggero watch (like I’m wearing in the brunch look), a 100 ml Ferrari Man In Red fragrance and a tin of Hairgum Gummy. And I’m giving it away today, Wednesday 8 February! Here’s what you need to do:


  • Find my post on Twitter and Facebook which contains the Ferrari Ultraleggero watch, the Ferrari Man In Red fragrance and the Hairgum Gummy, then retweet it on Twitter and comment on the post tagging a friend or share it on Facebook and comment on the post tagging a friend to enter the giveaway.


The Nitty Gritty For Today’s Giveaway

Please note that today’s giveaway is only open to readers living in South Africa. The giveaway closes on Wednesday 8 February 2017 at 18h00. The winner will be announced during the course of the evening of Wednesday 8 February 2017 here on the blog. You may enter as many times as you like, on either platform.


Good luck with the giveaways!


And Today’s Lucky Winner Is…

Well done to Margo W-Africa who is the winner of the today’s daily prize of a Ferrari Ultraleggero watch (like I’m wearing in the brunch look), a 100 ml Ferrari Man In Red fragrance and a tin of Hairgum Gummy, who entered via Facebook! 



And The R2 000 River Island Voucher Winner Is…

Well done to Dean Wallenkamp (@surfsupletshop on Twitter) who is the winner of the R2 000 River Island voucher plus a tin of Hairgum Matt, who entered via Twitter! 



Photography at the Sun Met event by Rudine Norman Photography, check out this stunning new talent here.



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  1. White tee and faded black skinny jeans || River Island
    Benjy brown wedge sole shoes || Dune London
    Pink blazer || Edgars
    #SunMet #Mumm #DecadesOfGlamour #ImpossibleMadePossible

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