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I’m not one for new years resolutions, never have been.


However, as 2018 started to build momentum into what is currently my life, there were certain things, I reflected, I wanted to change. Areas in my life that required attention and a de-clutter. Perhaps they are indeed new years resolutions, but somewhat after the fact.




Coffee, anyone?

The first item on my personal agenda was my understanding and experience of coffee. Fast becoming the new thing in Joburg as this culture evolves and matures, I found myself uneducated as to the ways of the bean. What is a Chemex and what notes would I experience in a pour-over? What is a pour-over anyway?


Coffee at Third Space on My Lime Boots


This personal quest led me to Third Space in my neighbourhood of Fourways. A free co-working space that not only ticks many boxes for me from a workflow point of view, but is also a coffee appreciators haven; owned and run by David Walstra and Ben Jenkin. Ben has a fascinating story to tell involving Burundi, but that is for another post. At Third Space I delved into the mystic pour-over, gaining an understanding of each step in the process and then savouring how this attention to detail resulted in a simple cup of coffee. And the complex pleasures it afforded me.


Ben’s approach ensures the coffee he prepares for me remains in harmony with the environment it has traversed, ending up as my cup this day. The pour-over process is devoid of non-essential clutter with each step carefully thought out, measured and executed. Ben undertakes regular dial in’s to ensure the final product is up to his rigorous standards.


Coffee understanding and (a start towards) appreciation sorted.


On the go

Next on my list was something that had been on the cards during the closing months of 2017. My mobile phone. My need to capture content, both stills and video, quickly while on the go was not being met by my iPhone 6. I was not happy with the quality which, to me, was becoming noticeably inferior. What’s more, it was cluttered with apps and slow. Time for a change, but little did I realise how entrenched I had become with the brand. Change is not always easy.


So I started talking to the guys at Nokia late last year and playing around with their new flagship Nokia 8. You may recall I hosted an InstaWalk in Melville in conjunction with Nokia, this is how impressed I was becoming with this resurgent brand. Much of the feed on my social platforms currently is generated with my new Nokia 8. Best decision I have made this year!


Nokia 8 at Third Space on My Lime Boots


As if in alignment with my desire for a clutter-less environment, Nokia is championing a declutter ethos towards all their devices, and this truly speaks to me. Running pure, secure, always up to date Android, with limited bloatware pre-loaded onto my device, gone are the days of app overload, previously my daily reality. The speed with which my Nokia 8 operates is a further welcome improvement.


Nokia with phone shui elements on My Lime Boots


The friendly chaps at Nokia shared some advice with me when it comes to de-cluttering your phone, and your life:

  • if you haven’t used an app in more than a week – delete
  • if you don’t know what the app does – delete
  • limit data usage on unnecessary bloatware


Nokia collage on My Lime Boots


So much like the uncluttered and harmonious process my daily pour-over undergoes, my phone too is in harmony with my newly ordered environment. Amazing how my tech mirrors my life. Check out my little video below featuring my two successes of 2018. Perhaps new years resolutions are not that bad after all?



Find Third Space on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Find Nokia on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.








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  1. Love the decluttering ideas, especially with your phone. In our line of work, a phone is a key tool that must be robust and always ready. Sadly I have yet to find a phone that ticks all the boxes I require, being: long battery life and super fast charging ability, outstanding camera for stills and video, tough with regards to dust, knocks and water, and very responsive and fast. I think I need to take a closer look at your Nolia the next time you are in Cape Town, or take it for a spin if I see you at Indaba.

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