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The story about a brewery formulating, and now bottling, an immune support drink really caught my attention. For two reasons really.


Firstly, in this time of COVID-19 we all need to reconsider our business and service offering, more importantly how it can be amended to meet this new-normal we are all busy discovering. Secondly, a drink that would give me a 300mg dose of Vitamin C, amongst other daily essential vitamins and nutrients; well it really had me intrigued. I needed to get to the bottom of Alchemi Vitality from Noon Gun Brewery.


Alchemi also caught the attention of my friend Di, aka The Roaming Giraffe. So much so that she challenged me to see how many bottles of this immune supporter I could fit into a Ford Ranger. Di was spending some time with the Ford Kuga and, well, the challenge was on.


A Time-Lapse Challenge Captured

Who would pack the most bottles into their car? The honour of Joburg was at stake, amongst other precious sentiments. We pushed record on our cameras to capture the antics, check it out below.



With Di packing in an amazing 38 cases of Alchemi, compared to my 20, I left with my pride well and truly trampled. Fortunately I had an Alchemi to hand to lift my spirits.


Taking The Support To Those On The Front Line

With cars packed to the hilt (some more than others) we decided to share our immune supporting stock with those on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many people serving South Africa at this time, we traditionally think of the essential services provided by doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners. But my heart always has a soft spot for the unsung heros such as teachers, cashiers and petrol attendants.


So we headed off, in Joburg and Cape Town, to our local garages. The smiles and expressions of thanks and gratitude received was overwhelming. May we never take all front line workers for granted, as they selflessly put themselves at serious risk on a daily basis, so that our lives can continue in this new-normal.



Getting Around In The Ford Ranger

The new 2,0l Bi Turbo Ford Ranger WildTrak proved more than capable of the task set for it with our loading challenge. With a payload of 957 kilograms, there was way more space to pack Alchemi Vitality bottles into the vehicle than I actually used – I was just not prepared to give up precious camera equipment packing space!


Did You Enter My Giveaway?

Just to make things that much more exciting this week, I ran a giveaway on my social platforms asking you to guess how many bottles of Alchemi I was able to load into the Ranger. The response was phenomenal as you guys calculated and submitted your guesses. Thank you for joining in across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Having managed to pack 20 cases into the Ranger, I got 480 bottles in. I was rather impressed with my achievement, even if Di managed to get more! Well done to Dave Starley who came the closest to my actual number. I’ll be in touch with you soon to arrange your case of Alchemi.


Alchemi is busy being rolled out to your favourite stores and garage quick shops countrywide, enabling you to fight the good fight against COVID-19. See more about Alchemi Vitality, from Noon Gun Brewery on the web, Facebook and Instagram. Show them some loving and support this amazing cause.


To find out more about the new Ford Ranger connect with Ford on the web, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


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