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Today on SoapBox Radio I chat to Meruschka Govender aka Mzansi Girl about travel in Africa, blogging and the things that inspire her. Join me for the conversation as we broadcast from the winelands in Gauteng, Kievits Kroon and share our journey to this fine venue in the new Landrover Discovery.


Show highlights:

  • Meruschka shares how her love of travel was sparked by road trips with her family while growing up.
  • Calling herself an Afrophile, Meruschka delves into her love of travel on the African continent.
  • We discuss responsible tourism and how you can ensure you are playing your part as a responsible tourist.
  • Meruschka shares insights into how she creates content that reflects a part of her personality.


Connect with Meruschka on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and on her blog.

Fancy the Landrover Discovery we used to travel to our destination? Check it out here and following Landrover on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


See more about our trip in the new Landrover Discovery:



See more from Kievits Kroon here and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.



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