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Scent sation Oscar de la Renta Gentleman

I’m Loving… Gentleman by Oscar de la Renta


So this interesting package came across my desk recently. Shaped like a ceramic domino, it had me interested from the get go. And then I sprayed a touch and, well let’s just say, the rest is a pleasant fragrance stored in my memory bank!


Oscar de la Renta Gentleman on My Lime Boots


The first inhalations of this fragrance took me back to the 1980’s – no, not in that way. Not at all! There were no perms or shoulder pads involved. Disco lights and shameful renditions of “Staying Alive (ah-ah)” were not resounding as this memory took hold.


Rather, the good old 1980’s were my formative years, having popped into the world towards the end of the 1970’s as a “ta-da” Ryan (later to become My Lime Boots) moment. I know, it’s a long time ago, but it is what it is et al. My recollection of what men wore in those days can only be described as “classical fragrances” and this is the place to which the Gentleman fragrance immediately transported me.


Back, however, to the future, as it were.


Gentleman outfit at 12 Decades Hotel


Gentleman by Oscar de la Renta is a woody fragrance inspired by the game of dominoes, known to be a firm favourite of the fashion icon. Bold and invigorating, Gentleman opens with confident notes of Chilled Bergamot and pamplemousse Champagne. Offer me champagne anywhere, anytime, you will not find a “no” here.


The drama continues with a blend of fresh Rosemary infused with black Oolong Tea, the passion of Intense Amber and rich Labdanum-infused Leatherwood. This scent is smooth, deliberate and captivating at every turn.


So matching an outfit to this fragrance was not going to be a quick thing, not at all.


Gentleman in the streets of Maboneng with My Lime Boots


I opted for an outfit that a modern gentleman would wear on a Monday morning, as he went about his business of informal meetings. Always a sucker for colour and patterns, I paired my salmon pink chinos from the David Jones classic collection at Woolworths (see my previous post for another look with these pants) with my navy blue polka dot patterned blazer from Markhams. With so much going on in this outfit I finished it off with a classic white shirt from Edgars.


But the true piece that made this outfit worthy of the Oscar de la Renta Gentleman fragrance association, were the blue leather ankle boots from Kurt Geiger at Spitz. These classic boots remain dear to my heart for their simple elegance. The mark of a true gentleman.




I may not wear these ankle boots often, but I know that when I do wear them, they are bound to be statement pieces.


So what constitutes a true gentleman; manners, an education, a well stamped passport, perhaps a sense of style? Well maybe a bit of some and none of the rest but Gentleman from Oscar de la Renta, paired with a firm favourite from your wardrobe, will surely have you on the right path.


Oscar de la Renta is available exclusively at Dis-Chem stores nationwide.


Shot on the streets of Maboneng and at the 12 Decades Hotel, Maboneng.



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