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Separating the boys from the men, and the men from the real men

Sorbet Group tackles preconceived notions about men’s grooming head on with the launch of its all-new male grooming bar.


I recently came across Sorbet Man and was immediately intrigued. Styled as a trendy groomer’s hub with all things man on offer: man shaves, man haircuts, man facials, man waxes and an assortment of man treatments – this was most definitely up my alley.


I believe this is long overdue as South African men catch-up with their European counterparts on the grooming front. I have never been one to shy away from facials, manicures and pedicures – treating them as regular items on my to-do list rather than saving them for special occasions.Sorbet Man


It’s sort of like taking vitamins – you don’t feel the effects immediately, but you know that you are working towards a higher objective, one that will pay dividends in the future.


So last week I went off to Sorbet Man in Sandton City to treat myself to a few of the treatments on offer.


According to Ian Fuhr, Founder of Sorbet Group:

“Sorbet Man is the real man’s answer to looking good and feeling good, without the fuss. It’s a space for men to be men; to express their individuality and to embrace their new-age manliness”.


Any boy this promise not only met, but exceeded, my expectations. From the friendly receptionist who welcomed me and assisted in selecting my treatments, to my therapist who attended to my facial, to the shoe shine guy – everyone at the salon made me feel welcome and went out of their way to see to my needs. All of this without a heavy product sales pitch.


The salon has been cleverly constructed to address those areas that put men off from going to traditional salons. The clean, slick feel of the interior compliments the ethos of Sorbet Man, which is to cultivate a sophisticated male grooming culture amongst men of all ages. You even get to whet your whistles while being groomed with complimentary shots of whiskey or cups of espresso.


Sorbet Man has become my new favourite place and they will be seeing much more of me, as I now finally have a grooming destination of choice.


Kudos to Sorbet Group for taking Jozi by the stubble and launching this stylish male grooming bar. Try it out!




Sorbet Man 3



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    1. Thanks Joanne for your comments – funny you say that I was with a friend who is also “not eligible”for the salon (i.e. lady) and she reminded me that she also drinks whiskey and why do the ladies not get the same! Point noted, maybe we should start a trend of ladies grooming at the “traditionally” mens salon?

  1. South Africa still has a long way to go till it’s male population starts to feel at ease in such places, even if you give the place a total makeover (with the seemingly out-of-place razor blade emblem?)

  2. Hey Ryan! Went to the Sorbet Man this morning!! Best Customer Service I’ve ever received!!!! Thanks for the advice, and please keep sharing!!

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