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Skincare routine overhaul with Kiehls basic cleansing



So you will recall from my last post that I am busy with an overhaul of my skincare routine, thanks to my friends at Kiehl’s. While quite a few of their products had me very excited in the last post, in this post I am specifically looking at the basic cleansing and toning elements of my new skincare routine. 


A skincare routine is not just for the ladies, it is an essential part of the basic grooming that every gentleman should practice, daily. A few minutes spent caring for the largest organ in your body, each day, will yield results and ensure you appear every bit as groomed, to match your impeccable sense of personal style.



Cleansing is one of the most important elements of your skincare routine; see it as the building block of your program. Cleansing removes excess oil and impurities from your skin, while improving its health and radiance. It helps to prepare your skin for the next steps in your routine. Using a professional face cleansing product is essential, as they are formulated to be gentle on the delicate skin of the face, while powerful enough to deal with the task at hand. The use of an all-purpose soap as a cleanser is a serious no-no, as it will leave the skin on your face feeling dry and irritated.



Toning on the other hand removes any remaining oil, dirt and debris left behind by the cleanser. Toning is an important second step which completes the cleansing process, helping to soothe, nourish and hydrate the skin while at the same time restoring its delicate pH balance. Skincare power for your face!


Cleansing and toning should be done twice a day, morning and night.


The DIY of Cleansing and Toning

Kiehls step three all over cleansing






Kiehls Cross terrain all in one refueling washThe cleansing element of my daily routine takes place in the shower, morning and night. Before I get to cleansing my face, I use Kiehl’s Cross Terrain All-In-One Refuelling Wash as a general body wash.


This product is multi-purpose and can be used to wash both your body and hair, although I only use it for body wash purposes. It contains caffeine and vitamin C and E to invigorate your body, while menthol and zinc refresh and purify your skin. Best of all Kiehl’s Cross Terrain All-In-One Refuelling Wash is silicon free, sulfate free and most importantly paraben free.



Kiehls Step three facial cleansing






Kiehls Calendula deep cleansing foaming face washLet the real cleansing begin! While still in the shower, I use Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash as my facial cleanser. Again, it’s important to note that this is done twice a day, morning and night. As mentioned above, the cleansing step is a fundamental building block for the routine still to come.


The creamy Kiehl’s gel formula activates with water to create a rich foam, which I gently massage into my shower-damp face. Make sure to use upward, circular motions and avoid the immediate eye area. Once applied I rinse under the shower.


Calendula, the basis of this product, is extracted as an oil from the common marigold flower. Its mild properties make it ideal for use on all oily skin types, and especially on my sensitive skin. Remember my shaving recollections in a previous post here?


Infused with plant-based glycerin, an ingredient that works as a moisture magnet and attracts essential moisture into your skin, Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash creates a “reservoir effect”, enhancing the water retention capacity of your skin which ultimately increases skin elasticity. Just what I need as I have now officially entered the count down to 40!



Kiehls Step three toner






Kiehls Calendula Herbal Extract tonerOnce I have stepped out of the shower, the second element of my cleansing routine takes place. Well, once I have patted myself down, of course! A toner prepares your skin for better absorption of skincare products. This is where Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Toner takes its pride of place.


Apply a small amount of the liquid facial toner onto a cotton ball or pad. Personally, I have always preferred cotton balls, but the choice is yours. Be sure not to saturate the cotton ball, but put enough toner on the ball to enable it to glide easily over your face. I then move the cotton ball gently in small circles across my face, paying special attention to my chin, nose, cheeks and hairline. I am sure to avoid the area around my eyes and mouth, and then allow the toner at least one minute to dry on my face. It is not meant to be washed off.


The petals in the Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Toner are still inserted by hand in the unique Kiehl’s apothecary tradition, which ensures an optimal result in your toner product.


All done, now what?

Great, so the cleansing and toning part of your routine is now up to scratch, well done men! Your skin is now perfectly placed to receive product-specific care, depending on the time of day and your unique skincare needs.


Join me in my next post as we continue to investigate my skincare routine overhaul, with a view to restoring your skin with a healthy glow, as it so rightly should. Healthy looking skin here we come!


What routine do you follow for cleansing and toning your skin, or, have you never thought about such things? Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter and lets share with each other!


Kiehl’s products are available the following Edgars stores: Sandton, Eastgate, Menlyn, Brooklyn, V&A Waterfront Pavillion; at standalone stores in Rosebank Mall and Canal Walk and at Edgars Cosmetics Gallery in Hyde Park, as well as at the Red Square pop up shop in Clearwater Mall.


Find Kiehl’s in South Africa on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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