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What do binoculars, a bag containing two lawn bowls, the latest Jimmy Choo Man Ice fragrance and a framed black-and-white photograph of a sheep in New Zealand have in common? Let’s consider, stay with me on this.


Spring essentials on My Lime Boots


I have lamented our lack of any noticeable winter here in Joburg this past season, so much so that winter was more like spring. And with spring around the corner, I dare say that will be more like summer. I faint at the thought of what our actual summer will bring when it finally arrives here in Joburg.


Having said that, I recently came across the latest  Jimmy Choo Man fragrance, Ice. This fragrance is well suited to the warmer months and is from the nose of perfumer Michel Almairac. It starts with top notes of mandarin and bergamot. In the heart notes are to be found vetiver, patchouli, cedarwood and apple with base notes of musk, moss and dry amber.


This citrus aromatic woody fragrance has been expertly blended to deliver a freshness that shouts self-confidence to me. When I wear it I am reminded of the rejuvenation spring brings, followed closely on its heels by the attitude of I can do anything. There is a sense of the whimsical about this fragrance, which in my mind, makes this fragrance perfectly suited to spring; which is about to be sprung, or has already sprung, based on my earlier discourse on the seasons here in Joburg.


Jimmy Choo Man Ice on bowling bag on My Lime Boots


The bottle retains the traditional hip flask shape used in the original Jimmy Choo Man and Jimmy Choo Man Intense variants but takes on a degraded matte white finish. The clean, crisp lines serve to reinforce the attitude contained in this marvelous juice. The cap on the bottle is something to behold.


Jimmy Choo Man Ice bottle cap on My Lime Boots


The cap continues the white theme and takes its styling cues from the crocodile-like leather used in the previous variants, but ups the ante with a rubberised finish. The leather like cap on Jimmy Choo Man bottles has become the hallmark of the brand, so interesting to see this being interpreted in new ways as the offering increases.


Jimmy Choo Man Ice on binoculars on My Lime Boots


So, armed (as it were) with your Jimmy Choo Man Ice fragrance, go forth and experience spring; lawn bowls (the grass will be green – spring) and binoculars (to see the beautiful spring sights) at the ready. Spring essentials indeed! I am still not sure what part the photograph of the sheep plays, other than just looking good.


Who Wants To Win?

The great folks at Jimmy Choo Man have given me a second 100ml Jimmy Choo Man Ice fragrance to give away to one lucky My Lime Boots reader. Will it be you? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find my Tweet about this post, retweet it and tag a friend, telling me who the perfumer behind Jimmy Choo Man Ice is – that’s one entry.
  • Find my blog Facebook post about this post, share it and tag a friend, telling me who the perfumer behind Jimmy Choo Man Ice is – that’s a second entry.
  • For a third entry into the draw, comment below with your most imaginative take on what the photograph of the sheep I mentioned above, has to do with spring. 


The giveaway is open to any person living in South Africa and closes at 16h00 on Sunday 3 September 2017. The decision as to the winner is final once announced.


And The Winner Is…

Well done to Melanie Pretorius who wins the 100ml Jimmy Choo Man Ice. Melanie entered by leaving a comment on the blog post below. Thanks to all who took part, had tons of fun with you guys on this give away!


Jimmy Choo Man Ice is available from Foshini, Truworths, Edgars, Dis-Chem, Red Square, Markham and Clicks stores across South Africa.



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  1. Ah! Spring, the time when those dreaded onesies get tossed away and the scent of flowers perfumes the fresh air! Bliss indeed! Now, the picture of the sheep really got me thinking. It perhaps is a metaphor for an ideal spring day in New Zealand. Whilst the sheep graze on picturesque green grass… it feels like a beautiful Spring day. Or for the carnivore in me, spring could beckon a delicious spring inspired rack of lamb with new season vegetables. Ok, it’s time for me to start shedding my woolies( a sheep connotation yet again) and embrace myself for a beautiful season. Let me tell you though that spritzing some gorgeous Jimmy Choo will sure add the spring in my step!

  2. The perfect image of Spring is perhaps Sheep in New Zealand grazing on lush spring pasture.
    And even better if the Sheep in the photograph in your blog post is named Jimmy.

  3. I think the meaning behind the sheep is to show awareness that not all white sheep are as white as they appear!!it may be black sheep of the family in disguise…

  4. Sheep give birth to their little lambs in Spring, Jimmy Choo has just launched their new Man Ice fragrance… its a time of new beginnings 🙂

  5. Spring has sprung and the sheep with their lambs are jumping for joy ready to smell the fragrant aroma of blossoms blooming

  6. The picture of the sheep brings an unusual take to the picture,the whole picture has a vintage look but is still yet modern,the sheep brings out nature,spring is all about nature and the environment,and sheep are apart of nature,its Gods creation.

  7. Well, if Shaun the Sheep continues to frolic around the forest with that heavy winter coat on, he’s going to die of a heatstroke.
    He needs to hotfoot it to the nearest barber, with haste, to shed his winter wardrobe and apply Jimmy Choo Man Ice to his pressure points before chatting up Dolly.

  8. I think that the subtly placed framed photo of the sheep contains a hidden message which goes as follows.. “Since Jhb has hardly experienced a proper winter this year, expect to sweat like a er.. um sheep this spring. If you want to look as cool as ice and smell super nice despite feeling like you’re wearing a woolly coat, then this fragrance, ICE by Jimmy Choo Man, is for you”!!! ???

  9. Spring is in the air. The daffodils are out, green buds are peeping through and Baby lambs are born in Spring! Sheep are teaching us all about nature.

  10. A feeling of innocence and warmth with the Sheep and as little lambs are born in Spring ….the Spring brings joy, happiness and life to the living and the surronding. As the the thin Spring air whispers and blends with the masculine notes of Jimmy Choo notes a girl can never ignore this man of statue. The sin begins with Jimmy Choo.

  11. The framed pic is in loving memory of Shelly the sheep who passed on tragically while grazing and got struck down by a bowl. All’s well that ends well. She was turned into a succulent mutton bunny and her flavourful memory lives on.

  12. Stunning review of this fabulous Fragrance!
    Michel Almairac
    And the photographs are stunning – really compliments your fabulous write-up!

  13. Winter is just a distant memory…

    The sheep represents the layers of woolen knits we wear in winter, and the black and white framed picture resembles a distant memory, because hardly anyone ever frames a picture now days… (I still do though, i’m an old soul).

    Even in Cape Town, where we are on water restrictions.. I can’t remember when last we experienced the 7 days of rain. And we all know its not winter unless it rains for 7 days straight 🙂

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