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What a week it’s been!


Thanks to the great folks at, I started with a new concept that you will be seeing a lot more of going forward. One that gives you the opportunity to style me, your way – how’s that! I’ve had such a blast interacting with you all this week on social media, as I laid out a few options for the various elements of a possible outfit. You guys voted, I took note and together we have a final look!


And here is the look, which I shot earlier today in Parkhurst.


Outfit full length from Zando


Let’s break the final look down.



These were the various options I put before you on Monday morning:

Shirt Options Style Me Your Way with Zando


The pink Polo Classic Pique Golfer was a firm favourite with you guys, and also my personal favourite. I enjoy the structure of a golf tee, it’s casual but still says I’ve taken time to think about what I’m wearing. I was also in the mood for contrast in this look, and this golf tee achieves that on two levels. The obvious one is the strong, statement colour. The second is contrast in terms of its slightly retro styling when paired with either a pair of casual denims, or shorts.


So the pink golf tee it was. Done.


Shorts / Pants

The feeling on the shorts/pants was much more spread. I gave you guys the following options on Monday afternoon:

Shorts and pants Style Me Your Way with Zando

Denim is always a sure-fire favourite, with many of you opting for the Quicksilver Passive denim shorts. The Soviet Jason #5 Relaxed Fit black jeans received a fair amount of interest, as I expected. The teal St Goliath Dip Pull On shorts also won many hearts so the field was somewhat split. Based on a gut feel I was beginning to experience, thanks to the pink golf tee, I felt the St Goliath teal shorts would be the best option.


They would continue the contrast theme this outfit was taking on, being a somewhat unexpected pairing with the pink golf tee. Cut just above the knee, these shorts brought a cheeky edge to the outfit, matched by the boldness of the pink golf tee. Shorts done and dusted, half way there!



I usually start my outfit planning with my shoes, but mixed it up a bit this week. I presented you guys with the following options on Tuesday morning:

Shoes Style Me Your Way with Zando

I liked all three of these options, but then again I have a thing for shoes! You guys seemed to like all three too, but the white Puma Duplex Evo sneaker came through as a clear winner from your votes and comments. These all white sneakers are a great take on a fashion staple, updated with a fresh design style.


I felt the Puma’s would work well with the outfit taking shape, with such loud, statement pieces already selected, an understated yet classic pairing for footwear was a good choice. Well done chaps and chapettes, good styling on your part!



Aah the final, and rather important, element of any outfit. I always say an outfit is either made, or missed, in the details and accessories offer you a chance to nail it. This is what I suggested to you on Wednesday morning:

Accessories Style Me Your Way on My Lime Boots

By this stage I had a pretty good feel for the outfit you guys were assembling for me, with a play on contrast being the order of the day. Many of you opted for the chunky Shark Sport Watch, which granted is a great piece. There was a fair amount of interest split between the Lentes & Marcos Carabanchel Polarised sunglasses and the brown Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses.


In the end I exercised my editorial privilege and determined the Ray-Bans would finish off the look. I did this for two reasons; firstly their classic styling spoke directly into the contrast theme flowing through this look and secondly, the blue mirror finish on the lenses rounded off the look on a really bold note.


So there you have it, a final look on me, styled by you guys! Good work team!


Full length look against shop window on My Lime Boots

Running in road in Parkhurst

Shirt and Ray Ban Club Masters on My Lime Boots

Pumas on the streets of Parkhurst on My Lime Boots

Sitting on a pavement in Parkhurst on My Lime Boots


Don’t forget to check out all these outfit options and so much more on and, their Black Friday sale starts tomorrow – get your look for less! With their express delivery option, you too can get your outfit in next to no time, just like I did!


And The Winner Is…

To say thank you to you guys for being such good sports this week, I am giving away a R1 000 Zando voucher for you to shop to your hearts content and shop your look, or the one we all put together.


Thanks to everyone who took time out this week to share with me, I have randomly chosen from all your retweets, comments, likes, shares on Twitter and Facebook, and the winner is Douglas Romanes from Cape Town (@DRomanes on Twitter). Well done Douglas!


I look forward to doing another Style Me Your Way session with you guys soon!








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