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Shaving on My Lime Boots

SHAVING   The word brings a shiver to my spine, the thought of it does things to me that would be inappropriate to mention here. I seriously dislike shaving and take just about any opportunity I can, not to shave.   But shave I must and what a blessing the genes I have; I need to […]

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Fathers Day Guide Business As Unusual Fashion Look Book

THE FATHERS DAY GUIDE – BUSINESS AS (UN)USUAL   Today I wrap up my Fathers Day Guide series, aimed to re-ignite dads sense of style and offer some gifting ideas for Fathers Day on Sunday. See my first and second posts in the series for more style inspiration!   Let’s consider todays dad – he is […]

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Fathers Day Guide Street Smarts Fashion Look Book

THE FATHERS DAY GUIDE – STREET SMARTS   Toady I continue with my Fathers Day Look Book series, my humble attempt to inspire and guide dads back to a sense of style. And, at the same time, offer a few gifting ideas for the much-loved dads for Fathers Day coming up this weekend.   If […]

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Fathers Day Look Book Fashion The Happy Trveller

Let’s just be upfront, we’re all friends here. I’m no-one’s father.   But that doesn’t stop me from having an appreciation for the role played by fathers; an understanding of that which is required from them and insight into the vital role they diligently undertake in a healthy society. Recently, in my family, my brother […]

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