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In our third and final guest post, Candice shares her Valentines reflections and provides a few awesome gift ideas for the big day tomorrow. Enjoy!   MLB VALENTINES GUIDE: THE “SHE” CONSIDERS “HIM” EDIT   Buying any kind of gift for my husband is always a challenge. He’s a real creative type, and (thankfully) has […]

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In this, our second guest post, Vincent shares some deep thoughts, and recollections, about what Valentines Day really means to him. Enjoy!   MLB VALENTINES GUIDE: THE “HE” CONSIDERS “HIM” EDIT   When Ryan asked me to prepare a post for Valentine’s Day, I immediately said yes. And almost instantly realized it was a bad […]

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In our first guest post, we hear from Lebo, or Lebzskywalker as he is more affectionately known. Enjoy!   MLB VALENTINES GUIDE: THE “HE” CONSIDERS “HER” EDIT   Yep it’s upon us again, Valentine’s Day; a feast of Saint Valentine, a day of religious origins, wonder why we never see that connection on TV?   […]

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Valentines Reflections

What does Valentines Day, and by implication, love, mean to you? How do you express this emotion, this feeling that is rather difficult to pin down?   As we head towards Valentines Day, this time of year always gets me reflecting on just such matters. Thing is, I am still no closer to crystalising my […]

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