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Vaseline MENface lotion on My Lime Boots

Vaseline MENface SPF15 Moisturiser   Anyone who reads my blog posts and social media shares will know that I love grooming products, and I’m always keen to try new ones out. So when the chaps at Vaseline MENface approached me with a rather unique challenge, I was hooked. The thing is, they have developed this […]

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My evening skincare routine overhauled with Kiehls for men

MY SKINCARE ROUTINE OVERHAULED – EVENING ROUTINE   As we enter the final instalment of my skincare routine overhaul, today I look at what constitutes the correct evening routine (see here why it’s being overhauled). Does your evening skincare routine need to be different from your morning skincare routine? Does a one-skincare-routine-fits-all approach do the […]

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Skincare routine overhaul with Kiehls basic cleansing

MY SKINCARE ROUTINE OVERHAULED – BASIC CLEANSING   So you will recall from my last post that I am busy with an overhaul of my skincare routine, thanks to my friends at Kiehl’s. While quite a few of their products had me very excited in the last post, in this post I am specifically looking […]

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Kiehl's overhauls my skincare routine

I first encountered Kiehl’s during 2015 when searching for an alternative lip balm, since the brand I was using was no longer available in South Africa. I am rather pedantic about my lip balm, so I decided to give Kiehl’s a try, having been impressed by the look of their stores. Not only was I […]

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Spring clean your face in 5 easy steps

Spring clean your face in 5 easy steps Over the weekend I attended a Craft Beer Festival here in Joburg. How great it was to sit in the sun and soak up its warm rays. It was a wonderful reminder that the winter days would soon be behind us. With spring soon on our doorstep, […]

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