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As a somewhat unseasonal cold front assaults the summer soaked plains of the highveld (aka Joburg) one thing is for sure – I will be tapping into my scarf collection to brave the cooler days clearly upon us. The good old summer scarf may be all that is needed over the next few days, but the cooler days offer a style opportunity I just can’t wait to take up!


In the interest of ensuring you (or your man) looks his dapper, adaptable best, herewith some guidance on the art of the scarf.


Basically, a scarf is a simple rectangle of fabric. A staple in men’s wardrobes for well over 2000 years, scarves have been used by the world’s militaries as rank insignia and unit designators. Consider, if you will, photo’s of the world’s greatest military aviators or soldiers fighting, and you will see scarves galore!


But why wear a scarf? Consider this


Man in scarf


A scarf will make the simplest jeans and T-shirt combination you throw together look effortlessly cool.


Man in scarf


A scarf is the perfect bridge between smart and casual. Does today not feel like a tie day? No stress, switch it up for a scarf.


Man in scarf


A scarf will keep your neck warm.



Wearing a scarf isn’t difficult, provided you understand how it’s done.┬áIt’s also the perfect opportunity to accessorise your outfit and add a little something extra to knock your fashion-cred out-of-the-park!


The true art of the scarf lies in the knot. Here are ten different knots to choose from, more than enough to keep that style quotient flowing this week, and beyond.


#1 The Drape

The Drape on My Lime Boots


#2 The Toss

The Toss on My Lime Boots


#3 The Once Around

The once around on My Lime Boots


#4 The All Around

The all around on My Lime Boots


#5 The Parisian Knot

The Perisian Knot on My Lime Boots


#6 The Ascot

The Ascot on My Lime Boots


#7 The Fake Knot

The fake knot on My Lime Boots


#8 The Reverse Drape Tuck

The reverse drape tuck on My Lime Boots


#9 The Reverse Drape Cross

The Reverse Drape Cross on My Lime Boots


#10 The Four In Hand

The Four in hand on My Lime Boots


So, which knots will you be trying out this week? Snap a shot of your handiwork and share on social media so we can all admire your craftiness!


Elements of this piece have been sourced from articles which first appeared on The Idle Man and Art Of Manliness. Image credits Real Men Real Style.












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