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Thrice as Nice



I love denim. Let’s just put it on the table upfront.


Who doesn’t? The versatility, the durability, the shades, the fits; but most importantly, the feel of denim. This great fabric remains one of the hottest fashion trends this season, but to stay ahead of the pack fashionwise, you need to think differently about how you wear denim. Difficult when so much has already been done with denim.

And just as denim takes its rightful place as a fashion staple, so some of its fashion applications are regularly seen adorned by on-point fashionistas.

Take for instance wearing double denim. Mix it up a bit and you can easily put together an outfit worthy of your fashion forward notoriety.

Then again, who wants to merely be fashion forward? I say lets strive for more. I enjoy pushing boundaries and discovering new combinations and when all the combinations have been discovered; well I simply invent my own combination – tada Tripe Denim.

How did I do this, check this out.

Triple Denim 1

Here we see not only a denim shirt and jeans, but added in to the mix I have included a denim jacket. The same general guidelines apply as for double denim, basically mix up the shades between your shirt and jeans. If you don’t mix them up you may as well tease your hair and insert shoulder pads to round off that look.

However, here I have introduced a denim jacket in the same shade as my jeans. What? Well, let me confess why, once you know you will understand.


For the last while I have secretly desired a denim jumpsuit, for guys. Funny, that doesn’t exist. Unless you want a pair of dungarees. But that’s another look. So as a compromise, I broke a cardinal double denim rule and had my “top”, in the form of my jacket, in the same shade as my jeans. Oh yes, I’m not doing double denim, so all’s well.

By having my jacket in the same shade as my jeans I am in effect creating that all in one jumpsuit look. Broken by the lighter shade of the denim shirt, which peeks ever so slightly out from the jacket. Knew you would understand, thanks for that!

2 in 1

_MG_7481-2To further bring interest to what could easily be classed as dull, I have accessorized. Adding in a bow-tie and matching colour Dr Martens, brought an edge and interest to the outfit that tied it all together. This outfit became an extension of my personality and wearing it made me feel really comfortable and at ease with myself. I was my own living, breathing canvas; simultaneously artist and creation. Gotta love newly discovered combinations.

What unusual denim combinations have you styled? Did they work or do they need a little more consideration next time?

I took this outfit on parade last year to the opening of the Dr Martens store in the Rosebank Mall. Together with my leather backpack I was well placed style wise amongst the hipster crowd attending the event. Do you think this outfit works? Pop me a comment below and share your views and possible suggestions.

Came across the beautiful Mbali while we were out shooting this look. Check out how she adds to the edge in these shots!









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  1. Love the look. Love the blog. I often do the double denim look myself in different shades of denim. Love the boots such a great feel for winter would have liked to see you mix it up a little casual with a scarf instead of bow tie and the shirt untucked a little. ❥

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