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I lost my heart to Woodstock about two years ago while on a trip to Cape Town for another project I was involved in at the time. My then project partner, Daniella, and friend and photographer, Lebz Skywalker, joined me for a week of craziness that saw Woodstock as our base. We stayed in a little house I found on Air BnB aptly named The Pumpkin Palace (owing to its outer colour) and Lebz and I drank coffee every morning at Salisbury’s just down the road, as we waited for Daniella to get dressed.


Ever since that time, I have been captivated by Woodstock, and on each successive trip to Cape Town, I can often be found working from Salisbury’s between meetings and shoots. On my last trip, one of the staff asked if I had been on holiday, having not seen me for a while. Took some explaining that I didn’t actually live in Cape Town.


But that’s the vibe.


And, that’s why Woodstock has been firmly on my radar for my new #TouristInYourCity series here on the blog. So, let the Woodstock piece commence!


Old Woodstock on My Lime Boots

New Woodstock on My Lime Boots


Woodstock is a place of contrasts. Once a small fishing village, it was originally known as Papendorp in the mid-1800s. When the Cape Town Harbour was extended in the 1950s the Woodstock Beach was subject to land reclamation and was lost. The town has always been a mixed community, both from a race and religious perspective, something very few areas in the South Africa of old could claim. Woodstock was able to escape the horrors of forced removals under the draconian apartheid rule and residents were left to go about their business in relative peace.


In 2007 the Cape Town City Council designated Woodstock as a priority Urban Development Zone to encourage urban upgrades, as the city sought to support the growth of the CBD eastwards. This initiative saw the development of The Old Biscuit Mill (and its Neighbourgoods Market) and The Woodstock Exchange, an art, design and technology hub stretching across two repurposed buildings.


Church in Woodstock on My Lime Boots


You will recall my recent post on SA Menswear Week, hosted at the Palms Lifestyle Centre in Woodstock. Much of the imagery for that post was shot in Woodstock, as was the shot above.


The Old Biscuit Mill on My Lime Boots


While I was exploring Woodstock, I stayed at the Double Tree By Hilton Upper Eastside Hotel. Located smack-bang in the heart of Woodstock, the hotel allowed me the space to experience this trendy and rapidly developing node. The hotel really has the best of both worlds, backed by breathtaking mountain views, with equally splendid ocean views from the front. All this and just minutes away from the city centre, V&A Waterfront and everyone’s favourite, Table Mountain.


Join me in my video below as I take you on a personal tour of the Double Tree By Hilton Upper Eastside Hotel, and share a bit more of the Woodstock community vibe.



Before arriving at the hotel, I had been told about an amazing cookie I would receive upon arrival. All Double Tree hotels around the world give each guest the same cookie upon arrival, just another way Hilton are making you feel at home in their establishments. Did you see the excitement on my face when I received my cookie in the video above? Let me tell you, it was everything I was expecting, and more! Have you had one of these cookies?


Double Tree By Hilton Upper Eastside cookie on My Lime Boots


The hotel has every amenity you could desire and the Liberty’s Bar and Liberty’s Restaurant cater to all your needs. I enjoyed their handmade hamburger for supper on the first night, a real treat and work of culinary art.


Liberty's Bar at Double Tree By Hilton Upper Eastside on My Lime Boots


Exploring Woodstock, I found a city I can only describe as raw, and real. As I walked its streets, I met locals working in the area, who are only too happy for the regeneration and development the recent years have brought. Like Martin Walker, who works as a security guard on contract. The day I met him he was working security detail outside an old church on one of the main streets, which had been repurposed into a film set.


Martin Walker working in Woodstock on My Lime Boots

Church converted into movie set in Woodstock on My Lime Boots


Further up the same street, I came across a great little antique shop called Collect MeA Story, named after the owner and local resident, Mea. I am a sucker for an antique shop and can literally spend the better part of a morning in one. And that’s exactly what I did. Talk about a treasure trove, Mea’s store has a wide variety of interesting things that occupied my intense interest that Monday morning.


Book at Collect Mea Story on My Lime Boots

Old phones at Collect Mea Story on My Lime Boots

Collect Mea Story Shop on My Lime Boots


My mind only wonders as to whose telephone number 3218 was, where their home was located and how life has treated them since they last used that device to communicate with a friend, family member or neighbour.


But not everyone’s story of how they have been affected by the gentrification of Woodstock is positive. Many reports have done the rounds over the years of long-standing Woodstock residents, entire families in fact, being relocated after their properties were bought by new landlords. Raised rentals and increasing arrears resulted in court orders and displaced residents. Many of which have been moved 30km out of Cape Town to a settlement known as Blikkiesdorp (Tin Town). One has to ask how, after more than 20 plus years of democracy, certain South African’s are still subject to forced removals.


My last night in Woodstock saw me at the Woodstock Grill and Tap enjoying the fine dining on offer as well as a pint of the best from the Woodstock Breweries located on the same premises. A rather fitting celebration of my last night in this truly cosmopolitan place, rich with history and abounding in character.


Woodstock Breweries on My Lime Boots



That’s right, I want you to experience the Woodstock that I discovered, for yourself. Double Tree By Hilton Upper Eastside Hotel is giving away a night for two in one of their exclusive suites plus breakfast the next morning, to one lucky My Lime Boots couple.


All you have to do to enter is find my post about my stay at Double Tree By Hiton Upper Eastside on my Twitter feed and Facebook account, retweet it on Twitter or share it on Facebook, then comment on the post with why you and your significant other would enjoy the suite for a night. While you are there give Double Tree By Hilton Upper Eastside a follow on Twitter feed and Facebook account, retweet it on Twitter or share it on Facebook, then comment on the post with why you and your significant other would enjoy the suite for a night. While you are there give Double Tree By Hilton Upper Eastside a follow on Twitter and Facebook too.



Please note that the giveaway is only open to readers living in South Africa, who are able to get to Cape Town at their own cost. The giveaway closes on Thursday 16 March 2017 at 14h00. The winner will be announced on SoapBox Radio during the 16h00 show on the same day and later here on the blog. You may enter as many times as you like, on either platform.



Well done Chantal Oliver who entered via Twitter. Chantal urgently needs some downtime and it’s a birthday weekend coming up for both Chantal and her husban at the end of March. Enjoy your spoil and tag me in lots and lots of pics!



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  1. Thank you….lovely reading your blog. I am a relatively new Capetonian and I also love Woodstock! I love the vibe and energy which abounds. Funny enough I mentioned to my husband as we drove through
    Woodstock, that I would love to read up on the history of the area.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Gaynor! Hope you enter the giveaway so that you can explore Woodstock from the luxury of Double Tree!

  2. Awesome story about Woodstock, Ryan! 🙂 This is too weird, I just recently started discovering more about Woodstock when I started doing sewing lessons at Brickfield Park Building directly opposite the hotel a few weeks back 🙂 It’s amazing how much is really going on in Woodstock & now that the City is improving & uplifting the area it’s becoming more & more exciting being around there. I entered & would love to have a day/night with my husband to explore more of what’s happening and visit some of the fairly new “vibey spots of Woodstock” we’ve seen going on…we’ve never been to any of those places like “Woodstock Brewery” & “Old Biscuit Mill” but would really love to, and I know my husband would love the little break away too! 😉

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