A night of fancy, good food

I love an occasion. The expectation leading up to that special outing, planning an outfit to ensure that not only your best foot is proffered, but that the whole package shines. Confirming plans with friends on the day, a hint of excitement ever-so evident in your voice as you conflab. And then the event itself… a momentary highlight in the otherwise mundane reality of day-to-day life. 

Back in the day, a visit to a fine-dining establishment was just such an affair, where a distinguished gentleman would arrive attired in nothing less than a suit and tie for a bout of evening frivolities. Certainly not the much-touted puffer-jacket-skinny-jeans-trainers combo loved by so many of late.  

If you long for that sense of occasion too, then gents, hang onto your smoking jackets, and ladies, strap on your stilettos, I’ve got something that may just float your fancy boat. 

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