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It’s A Trend-Off: Sports Luxe vs Rose Quartz


It’s trend overload at the moment, between the various Fashion Weeks and trend analyses being proclaimed every other day, where does that leave you and I? What should I experiment with; what will last and what will see another season? Do I even like some of these trends?


Such is my current state of mind. So amid this state of questioning, I decided to take a trend that has been around for a season or two and a trend that is new to this season, and create looks appropriate to the Autumn Winter period we are moving into here in South Africa. What trends are these I hear you say, well let me share with you. I decided to go with the Sports Luxe trend (“old” timer) and the use of one half of the Pantone Colour of the Year 2016, Rose Quartz trend (“newbie”).


Sports Luxe

Sports Luxe is a high fashion take on sportswear. Also termed “Athleisure” which is one of those made up words that makes no sense yet are wonderfully descriptive. This trend sees clothes that fit a somewhat broad category of being appropriate for either athletic or leisure pursuits, or both. Let’s see what I put together.

Sports luxe trend for autumn winter 2016Sports luxe details for autumn winter 2016

In keeping with the Sports Luxe trend, I have taken a standard sports look but added key pieces to give it that luxe edge. Adding a dark blue sports coat and exotic crocodile leather backpack, make this outfit versatile in its everyday application. Woke up feeling like a dressed down look? Not that keen to compromise on style? This is definitely a trend you need to consider.


Essential to this look is getting the details right. In addition to luxe-ing up your look, another key element in Sports Luxe is your accessories. Rounding this look off is my Lacoste black silicone strap watch with green detail. It adds a great touch to my outfit and is suitable for daily wear.


Lacoste black silicone watch with green detail


Rose Quartz

The year 2016 saw two colours jointly take the Pantone Colour of the Year, Rose Quartz and Serenity. In a recent interview I did with Justine August of Augustine, she shared her thoughts on these two colours. “I think the world is in such a state of chaos that people are actually seeking colours that bring a sense of ‘serenity’ to their wardrobe!”. I decided to work with this trend by using Rose Quartz as inspiration in my outfit, but warming it up for our soon to be cooler climate. Let’s see what I put together.

Rose Quartz trend for autumn winter 2016Rose Quartz details for autumn winter 2016

Autumn Winter is a time to play with textures in your outfit choices, adding interest and rich depth to your overall look. It’s also a time for impromptu long weekends; enter the weekend travel bag. I fell in love with this Nguni hide bag the minute I saw it. In itself, it is reason enough to pack some of your best pieces and take time out.


You will recall from my recent Autumn-Proof your Face post, I recommended that you change up your fragrance as the days get cooler. In putting together this outfit, I opted for the exhilarating cocktail of spicy and aromatic essences embodied in Bentley For Men. With enhanced leather notes and natural rum essence, this fragrance will make a great addition to the winter collection of the cosmopolitan, self-confident gentleman. 


The cherry on the top to complete this look, lies in my watch selection.


Hugo Boss Chronograph Aeroliner watch and Bentley for Men for autumn winter 2016


What I’m Wearing


Sports Luxe look


Rose Quartz look


Who’s up to winning a watch?

Thought this might grab your attention! I’m giving away, to one lucky winner, one of the watches I’m wearing in these two looks. All you need to do is leave a comment in the space below telling me which of the two looks you like best, and why. Bingo, you’re in line to win that watch.


Want another chance? Sure thing. I will be posting the Sports Luxe look on Wednesday and the Rose Quartz look on Thursday this week to my Facebook page. To stand a chance through Facebook, head on over to the It’s About Time Facebook page, give them a follow, then comment on the post on my Facebook page for the look you like best telling me why. Done deal.


Ok, I really want you to win one of these awesome watches, so for a third chance to win, watch my Twitter account on Wednesday and Thursday this week when I post the two looks. Retweet the look that you like best and you’re in.


The nitty gritty

Please note that the giveaway is only open to South African readers living anywhere in South Africa. The giveaway closes on Friday 8 April 2016 at 16h00. The winner will be announced on Monday 11 April 2016 here on the blog.


And the Winner is…

Well done to The Real Chiz @Chizboy_SA on Twitter, who voted for the Sports Luxe look I put together. You have won the Lacoste black silicone strap watch with green detail. Be sure to tag me in shots of you with your new watch on Twitter!


Shot on location at the stunning Morrells Boutique Venue and Guesthouse in Northcliff, Johannesburg. Be sure to check them out for specials and don’t miss their classic movie nights! See Morrells on the web, Twitter and Facebook; give them a call on (011) 476 9495 or email them


Photography by Lebz Skywalker, on the web and Instagram




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  1. I love the Rose Quartz look cause the neutral colors are just perfect for autumn and the look is one that any guy should be able to pull off with ease. I know my hubby would totally rock the look.

  2. Wow both looks awesome, my favourite is the Hugo Boss Rose Gold Chronograph Aerolinerwatch , it is perfect for a casual or formal look and definitely in line with the new season.entered on Facebook and will be looking out for the twitter posts soon.crossing fingers

  3. Hi Ryan,

    I like the “Rose Quartz” look the best. I think it’s a look most men would be able to make their own and it would still be stylish and versatile. The Brown leather shoes from Woolworths and the Olive green leather jacket from River Island are my favourite items.

    I am definitely up to winning a watch. A watch is so much more than a simple time keeping device – A watch is a style statement, love the Hugo Boss Rose Gold Chronograph Aeroliner watch.

  4. the sports luxe look I can go from managing my soccer team to an evening out with friends and not changing to look formal

  5. Both are awesome looks. But I like the sport luxe look the most it’s easy and effortless but looks stylish. Not only is it stylish but also comfortable for a man that’s constantly on the go. Comfortably stylish:)

  6. Rose Quartz – Love light trousers with brown leather shoes, awesome casual look but still mature. Love the fragrance – I think it’s a must!

  7. In love with the sports luxe look. Never seen anything so laid back yet so gentleman like and classy on a man before. I love it! Totally different. Totally unique. I’m sure after this post we’ll be seeing a lot of this. Definitely a trend setter for me.

  8. I’m all for the Rose Quartz look, because it’s not overbearingly formal, but it does look like you’re heading somewhere serious. Like you’re on a mission.

    The look doesn’t try to make a bold statement, but it doesn’t make you disappear into the masses either. It’s sits just well enough to boost your confidence.

    I haven’t had any light colored pants before, but it’s been an item I see coming up al lot in the styles I want to pursue for winter. So I just might get me some, to complete the watch I want to win 🙂

  9. I love the Rose quartz look it can be worn in alot more settings and not many guys can pull off the sports luxe. And of course I love leather jackets!

    Love your posts, my husband has to hear all your views.

  10. Love the “Rose Quartz Look”. It looks sophisticated yet really comfortabl! Awesome combo?

  11. IT’s all about the Sports Luxe at the moment though. I think the look’s ability to be formal while totally comfortable will be something that defines this fashion era. And, sir, damn do you look good while doing it 😉

  12. Love the Rose Quartz because this is more my fiancé’s style. Hope to win the watch for him to replace his old watch I gave to him many years ago.

  13. True fashion is timeless. Rose Quartz will be around for years to come while Sports Luxe will soon be forgotten.

  14. Sports Lux. Look wise it’s more versatile and now that athleisure is starting to become big there will an increase in Sports Lux too.

  15. I vote for Sports Luxe, I absolutely LOVE that look, a touch of sophistication with a sporty look (sneakers, no takkies though). My husband has that style and I find it incredibly sexy, he will match a pair of black skinnies with his Nike sneakers and a denim shirt and a blazer for the colder day 🙂 Absolutely spot on, works very well for me 😉

  16. Move over, James Bond; It’s About Time the Rose Quartz (look) gentleman gets his share of the limelight! Understated elegance steals the show (sorry, Sports Luxe fans), and there’s everything to love about the great colour and texture combo, from the shoes to the jacket, finished stylishly with a gorgeous Hugo Boss time piece (I can almost smell the leather!). The Rose Quartz gentleman is not shaken or stirred – he’s coolly confident; always in fashion, definitely on time!

  17. The Rose Quartz look is definitely the look that gets my vote. It is timeless, vintage look yet has that modern feel to it. The sport lux is a temporary look that wont last long in fashion.

  18. I rather like the Rose Quartz- red is good on everyone and those are great trousers to be used for causal or smart occasions!

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