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Acne. Wow, what a bombshell packed full of emotions to talk about. 


Today I discuss this rather sensitive subject with Dr Lestonnn Lawn from Skin Renewal, as part of my collaboration with the Renewal Institute, as I continue my exploration of skincare matters with the experts themselves.


I am rather fortunate, acne was never really a thing I had a problem with in my youth. But, in my later years, I have indeed experienced trying times. Let’s join Dr Lestonn as he tells us just what acne really is, and advises on the best method of treatment to deal with it.


Today Dr Lestonn and I consider the difference between acne in men and women, the treatments available and what results you can expect. Also, Dr Lestonn touches on why treatment by a professional is key in the process. 



I truly hope you are enjoying this skincare journey with me, as we chat with professionals in the field about various matters and how to treat them effectively.





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