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I have dreadful skin.


Well, to be more specific, I have very sensitive skin. Shaving remains a dreaded exercise in my home and if I do not look after my skin on a regular basis, a stint of shaving turns into a bit of a bloodbath. Not ideal for putting your best face forward.


So naturally, at a young age, I became hooked on all things skin care; to ease the pain as it were. Now remember, I am talking back in the days when there was no such thing as a mens skin care range. I used to wait until my family were all out, then sneak into my sister’s room and see what creams she used. A quick trip to the local Pick ‘n Pay during a less than busy time to acquire some product, usually with a well rehearsed “it’s for my girlfriend” comeback should the cashier ask, and I was ready to look after my skin!


In line with this passion, I have been working with the Renewal Institute for the last year to better improve my skin’s health and understand some of the basics when it comes to skin care, particularly for men. I look forward to sharing with you everything I have done and will still do with them, in my new video series, which starts today.


Dr Lestonn Lawn, of the Renewal Institute, has been guiding me, and in the process has become a trusted friend. He has now been appointed as the My Lime Boots Expert on Skin Care, kind of like what Dr Phil is to Oprah. Only better. 


What Constitutes A Healthy Skin Care Routine For Guys?

In my first video in this series, Dr Lestonn speaks about the dangers of not looking after your skin, which could result in early signs of ageing and skin cancer. We consider factors such as time available for a routine and some of the more common concerns us guys have. We also cover skin care for guys with beards and end off discussing injectibles as a method for implementing anti-ageing.



I think the key point Dr Lestonn has brought across in the above video is that skin care takes time and planning, while one should be realistic about how much time you actually have for a routine.


My Personalised Skin Care Regimen

Since we now have a better understanding of skin care, I spent some time with Dr Lestonn determining a regimen that would meet my specific skin care concerns and needs. Sit in with me now as Dr Lestonn takes us through the process and see how your current regimen compares.



Let’s summarise the routine prescribed by Dr Lestonn, as my morning routine:


My SkinCeuticals Morning Routine on My Lime Boots


I start with Simply Clean face wash which I use, and leave, in the shower. Once my face is dry I use the Equializing Toner followed by an antioxidant, Phloretin CF. Allowing a few seconds for it to set in, I then apply the Retexturing Activator and AGE Eye Complex. I then apply my day cream, Daily Moisture and finally a sunscreen (even if I’m not going into the sun) Physical Fusion UV Defense.


My evening routine looks like this:

My Evening SkinCeuticals Routine on My Lime Boots


I start with Simply Clean face wash which I use, and leave, in the shower. Once my face is dry I use the Equializing Toner followed by Retinol 0,3 which I leave on for 30 minutes. I then end off with AGE Eye Complex and use AGE Interrupter as my night cream.


All items in my regimen can be purchased at any branch of Skin Renewal, once you have consulted a doctor or via the Skin Renewal Online Store, once you have completed an online assessment.


It’s worth noting that my regimen does take some time and is not a quick in-and-out option. Be sure to address this factor with your doctor when you consult on a unique skin care regimen just for you, better yet contact the Renewal Institute now for an appointment and a personalised routine to meet your specific needs.


Over the next few posts I will be sharing my experience of these SkinCeutical products with you and looking at specific products in more depth. SkinCeuticals are the leaders in the field of anti-oxidants and their products are backed by years of scientific research. They have been, and continue to be, very active in the field of skin cancer research, which further fills me with great confidence when using their products. Their mission is simple, to provide advanced skin care backed by science. I look forward to putting them to the test!


SkinCeuticals have an extensive range of products, far greater than the few items prescribed for me. Their products are suitable for any age; young or more mature skin and for both males and females.


I hope you enjoy this journey of discovery with me as we take our skins from good, to great!






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