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Valentines Reflections

What does Valentines Day, and by implication, love, mean to you? How do you express this emotion, this feeling that is rather difficult to pin down?


As we head towards Valentines Day, this time of year always gets me reflecting on just such matters. Thing is, I am still no closer to crystalising my thoughts and remain a-ponder! Inaction is not a good roommate and, most definitely, requires assistance.


I have many fond memories of Valentines Day in my early school years. A time characterised by innocence, purely due to the age we all were at the time. These memories still make me smile fondly to this day. Deciding who would be the recipient of my Valentine affections and even more thrilling, how many Valentines cards would I receive on the big day? After Christmas and birthday’s this was a true highlight of the year!


Valentines Day became somewhat too commercialised for my liking as I advanced in years. Or was it always the case, was I only able to see this as I grew older. Or was I merely becoming jaded to the realities of life as the years went by? Perhaps all of these factors contributed to my altered perception of Valentines Day.


stud muffin pic


One of my more “memorable” Valentines Day experiences of the last few years was with an ex, three removed. At the time he was notoriously difficult to pin down and make plans with, even on Valentines Day. This eventually resulted in us spending our Valentines evening getting take-away from the local KFC. I think we even ate there.


KFC logo round
Did you see that? The Colonel just winked at me again!

At least the KFC logo and in-store posters were red, squeeze your eyes tightly and they may just look like a giant Valentines Card. “No, you shouldn’t have” or some inappropriate response resounded in my head, never verbalized. Needless to say that was the first and last Valentines we shared.



So in the spirit of rendering assistance on all matters, including those of the heart, My Lime Boots, and by implication yours truly, have endeavored to bring you some personal insights into just such matters. I approached some friends to write guest posts about Valentines Day – what are they considering buying that special someone, what does Valentines Day mean to them, and the like.


I am hoping that this will be of insight to you as you mull over these things this week. May My Lime Boots inspire you to remember the true essence of love, and its expression, this Vaentines Day, and each and every day of the year too.


Watch out for our first post tomorrow morning!


Images: Pinterest, KFC

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  1. I used to love Valentines day too!
    Now, we tend to celebrate it after the event…when the restaurants are less crowded and the price of flowers is back to normal. I suppose true love is expressed every day, in actions; not just on one commercialized day in Feb. Thanks for your thoughts Ry. xxx

    1. Hey Jess! Thanks for the comments, I tend to agree with you. I know it becomes a bit of a cliche to say we should celebrate love every day, but nothing could be more true. Especially in this day and age. Why should we need a reason to love, or to remember to love? Life…

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