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Vaseline MENface SPF15 Moisturiser


Anyone who reads my blog posts and social media shares will know that I love grooming products, and I’m always keen to try new ones out. So when the chaps at Vaseline MENface approached me with a rather unique challenge, I was hooked. The thing is, they have developed this rather neat app that will show you what you may look likeĀ at a future point after sun damage.


Bring on the Worst Face Scenario. Prepare yourself, mine is not pretty. Here goes!


Vaseline Worst Face Scenario with My Lime Boots


Wow, still can’t quite get used to that sight. But fortunately with Vaseline MENface this will not be my reality, that always makes me feel tons better!


The thing is, every day our skin is exposed to harsh environmental factors that cause damage and moisture loss. Vaseline MENface solutions are specifically engineered with essential vitamins and minerals to clean and moisturise dry, uneven toned skin. The range, which includes a face wash, face moisturisers, lotions, creams and petroleum jellies are fast acting, non-greasy, and designed to meet the skin care needs of us men, leaving skin effortlessly replenished and restored.


MENface montage on My Lime Boots


I have been using Vaseline MENface SPF15 during August and it truly is a nourishing moisturiser. This month has seen me moving around quite a bit, from the cold Joburg snap we had earlier this month to the current summer-esque Joburg days, not to forget the dune boarding and 4×4’ing in Mossel Bay last week. My trusty MENface SPF15 has seen me through all of this with no risk of me approaching that picture above!


Do yourself a favour, head on over to the Worst Face Scenario page and run the app for yourself. Print it out. Stick it on your mirror. Then swing past your local retailer for a bottle of Vaseline MENface SPF15. Now use it for a month and feel the results!


Would really love you to share your Worst Face Scenario with me on social media, go on, I’ve shared mine! Be sure to tag me in your post!



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