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Vintage Denim

Vintage Denim


I decided to do a post from a shoot we did a while ago; so no, I have not grown my beard back! The inspiration for this shoot was classic lines in mens fashion, and Vintage Denim, showcasing the timeless versatility of denim, was a natural choice.


I have posted about my love for denim before, see my Dressed Up Denim post which, in addition, gives some of the history of this fabric, which has become a staple in every mans wardrobe.


I also have a love and appreciation for classic Mercedes Benz vehicles. So I made it my mission to pair these two passions, in a fashion shoot. This, dear friends, is the result and I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together.


With this look, I started with the jeans


Sitting on bonnet


I decided to try my hand at a pair of Salsa jeans, opting for a pair of Lima Slim Leg jeans. There are many options available from Salsa, it may take a bit longer to decide which pair is for you, but so worth trying on and getting a feel for the different cuts. The wash on the Lima was just right, perfect for a vintage look with denim as the fashion highlight.


My brown distressed leather and canvas ankle boots continued the vintage vibe. These ankle boots have served me well over the past two years and can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on your fashion inspiration for the day. Here you can see how I have incorporated them into a vintage look. 


The watch I am wearing is also a firm favourite of mine, you probably would have seen it in a few of my other fashion shoots we have done for the blog. The canvas strap and classic face make this time piece not only versatile but a joy to wear with just about any outfit.


Nothing shouts Vintage more than textured fabrics

The vintage theme really came together by incorporating this linen shirt and neutral shaded jacket which work well together to highlight the grey waistcoat. The shades and textures of the various fabrics compliment the classic beauty and lines of the 1968 280se Mercedes Benz I drove for this shoot. Felt like a kid on Christmas driving this car!

Undressing 2 v2

Undressing 3 v2

Undressing 4 v2


An outfit is always made in the details, here I have used a drivers cap and rose gold sunglasses to round my look off. These items speak of a timeless elegance and a bygone era which celebrated glamour. Truly, when put together, a versatile, vintage denim outfit of note, which still looks on-point today.


Driving updated


Have you experimented with vintage looks? Well, neither had I before this shoot, and let me tell you it was well worth the planning. Share your thoughts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you have or if you would like to just join the conversation!

Get the look

  • Lima Slim Leg jeans from Salsa Denim, available at stand-alone Salsa stores and Edgars stores nationwide
  • Linen shirt and bomber jacket from TopMan
  • Waistcoat and drivers cap from Markham
  • Rose gold sunglasses from River Island
  • Distressed brown leather and canvass ankle boots from local shoe retailer
  • Classic 1968 Mercedes Benz 280se from Carcol, Greenside


Photography by Lebz Skywalker, on the web and Instagram

Shot on location in Northcliff, Johannesburg






































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