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Is it just me, or is the year hurtling full-on like an early starter at the Met, with December fixed in its sights? Last year I decided that more weekend getaways were to be the state of play this year, and here I was, in August already, with nothing to show for my good intentions except well, my good intentions.


The rather ironic thing is, there are just so many places to go to for a weekend adventure, right here in Joburg. You don’t even have to leave the provincial borders. And so it was that I found myself off to Forum Homini, in the Cradle Of Humankind.


I had spent a long weekend at Forum Homini some years back, to celebrate an anniversary, and have fond memories of a venue built into the very lay of the land and a six-course meal worthy of the queen herself. I was in just the space for a similar experience and some time out.


But Forum Homini is not the place one merely goes to, there is a sense of occasion in partaking of its offerings. Outfits need to be arranged and proper luggage is called for. The day before my departure I popped into long time friends Via La Moda, also in Joburg, to select a few luggage pieces to accompany me on my weekend away. I always enjoy visiting Via La Moda, the showroom’s offerings leave the mind to ponder the age old techniques used to craft each and every beautiful piece.



After a well-earned coffee, my items were packed and ready for me to take home. A quick packing session and I was soon on the road to Forum Homini, a mere 45-minute drive from home. There really is nothing like a drive in the country to realign yourself for some time out!


Via La Moda bags on arrival at Forum Homini on my Lime Boots


Upon arrival, I unpacked my bags in the well-appointed suite, which was just as I had remembered it – outside shower and all. All that planning and travel called for an afternoon drink as I soaked up the environment once more, the tranquility settling deep into my spirit.


Surveying Forum Homini from the deck on My Lime Boots


The dam at Forum Homini on My Lime Boots 

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing as one does on such occasions, exploring. I had heard about a rather special art installation that ran the entire length of the lounge and was keen to take it in.


A quick shower in that outdoor shower I mentioned earlier, followed by a pre-dinner drink in my suite, and I was ready for dinner. I had been promised the six-course affair would live up to my expectations from my previous stay, so I was to be found walking to dinner with a rather large smile on my face.


Forum Homini Room on My Lime Boots


Dinner was magnificent. I spent a fine evening with hotel General Manager, Jaco Minnaar, as he recounted the history of Forum Homini as well as the local area. Wine pairings were of the first order and we chatted the night away.


Roots restaurant at Forum Homini on my Lime Boots

Restaurant deck at night on My Lime BootsRoots Restaurant at night on My Lime Boots


Back in my room, I was glad for the fireplace which had kept the room rather toasty in my absence, so I pulled out my book and spent some time reading as my day came to an end.


Via La Moda bags at fireplace on My Lime Boots


The following day I spent some time with Jaco, further exploring Forum Homini and its treasures. Join me in my video below to experience this magnificent venue, for yourself.



Later that day I packed my bags and was off to face everyday life once again. But I left Forum Homini recharged, revitalised and with a spring in my step. I really do need to get away for these mini breaks more often. I’ll try harder to put this into action going forward, I said to myself, with the most earnest of intentions and a somewhat disciplinarian tone. 


Sitting on bridge at Forum Homini on My Lime Boots

Walking over bridge at Forum Homini on my Lime Boots


There is so much to do in the Cradle Of Humankind, and Forum Homini is well placed within this World Heritage Site for you to explore its riches. The exhibitions at the Maropeng Visitor Centre is a must when in the area.


Find Via La Moda on the internet, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Find Forum Homini on the internet, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


A big thank you to Forum Homini and Roots Restaurant for hosting me on my weekend getaway!




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